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Sperm collection and processing methods - A practical guide

di Rajasingam - Jeyendran  • 2003  • dettagli prodotto

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This practical guide to sperm collection and processing methods demonstrates how successful these procedures are to overcome even severe infertility. This compilation, prepared by an interdisciplinary team of experts, provides clinical and laboratory professionals in reproductive medicine with a comprehensive overview and a useful source of reference. Difficulties with sperm procurement can involve biological deficiencies with sperm creation, delivery, or both. The various procedures described in this text are all designed for one purpose: acquisition of as many viable sperm as possible, given initial patient conditions. Once sperm are collected, a myriad of processing methods are then available to optimize their fertilization potential. Recent advances have made fertility conditions once deemed hopeless a thing of the past. Most sterility cases are now either treatable or entirely circumvented through various clinical and laboratory techniques described in this volume, including surgical correction, hormone treatment, and various sperm enhancement technologies.Table of ContentsPart I. Sperm Procurement Methods R. S. Jeyendran and Craig Niederberger: Patient semen collection R. S. Jeyendran and Jane M. NaniPatient semen collection with assistance Jane M. Nani and R. S. JeyendranClinical semen collection David Chen and Robert BranniganAnejaculatory men David Chen and R. S. JeyendranAzoospermic men Robert BranniganClinical sperm collection Richard Schoor, Lawrence S. Ross and Craif NiederbergerPart II. Sperm Processing Methods R. S. Jeyendran and X. John Zhang: General procedures: Sperm washing, sperm treatment and cryopreservation R. S. Jeyendran, Andrew Ruiz and X. John ZhangSperm processing procedure for intrauterine insemination Andrew Ruiz and R. S. JeyendranSperm processing procedure for assisted reproductive technology X. John Zhang and R. S. Jeyendran.


ISBN: 0521524172

Titolo: Sperm collection and processing methods - A practical guide


Editore: Cambridge university press

Volume: Unico

Edizione: 2003

Lingua: Inglese

Finitura: Copertina flessibile

Misure: 18x25 cm

Pagine: 160

Peso: 0.4 kg