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Ophthalmology - An Illustrated Colour Text

di Batterbury - Bowling - Murphy  • 2009  • dettagli prodotto

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Table of Contents Basic PrinciplesAnatomy and physiology – outer eyeAnatomy and physiology – inner eyeRelations and connections: orbit and visual pathwaysHuman sightThe ophthalmic historyThe ophthalmic examinationSpecial investigationsOcular pathologyOcular pharmacologyGenetics DiseasesEyelids: blepharitis, dermatitis and lumpsEyelids: abnormalities of positionTear secretion and drainageEpiscleritis and scleritisThe orbitConjunctiva: infective inflammationConjunctiva – non-infective inflammationCornea: dystrophies and degenerationsGlaucoma: primary open angleGlaucoma: angle closure and other typesIritisPosterior uveitisThe lensOcular fundus: diabetic retinopathy – macular problemsOcular fundus: retinal vascular occlusionsOcular fundus: other retinal vascular disordersOcular fundus: macular degenerationsOcular fundus: hereditary posterior segment diseaseOcular fundus: retinal detachmentOptic disc swelling and optic atrophyIntraocular tumoursStrabismus: childhoodStrabismus: adultUnequal and abnormal pupilsTrauma: eyelids, orbit and headTrauma: the eyeballNeonatal conjunctivitisSpecial topics in ophthalmologyCorrecting refractive errorsHIV and the eyeTropical ophthalmologyEpidemiology and the functional implications of visual handicapOphthalmic surgeryLasers in ophthalmologyClinical decision-makingGradual visual lossSudden visual lossThe acute red eye TraumaThe squinting child“Spots before eyes”Irritable eyesDouble visionDirectory of interest groups


ISBN: 0702030597

Titolo: Ophthalmology - An Illustrated Colour Text


Editore: Elsevier - Churchill Livingstone

Volume: Unico

Edizione: III 2009

Lingua: Inglese

Finitura: Copertina flessibile

Misure: 21x29 cm

Pagine: 144

Peso: 0.5 kg