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copertina di Proton and Charged Particle Radiotherapy

Proton and Charged Particle Radiotherapy

di De Laney - Kooy  • 2007  • dettagli prodotto

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per la spedizione in 7-10 giorni lavorativi


Includes bibliographical references and index.History of charged particle radiotherapy / Herman D. Suit and William Chu Radiobiology of charged particles / Leo Gerweck and Harold Paganetti Facility design / Edward T.M. Tsoi and Jay Flanz Particle accelerators / Jay Flanz Treatment delivery systems: passive beam scattering / Bernard Gottschalk Treatment delivery systems: pencil beam scattering / Eros Pedroni Quality assurance for proton therapy / Richard L. Maughan and Jonathan B. Farr Patient positioning and set-up verification for planning and treatment / Martijn Engelsman, Alejandro Mazal, and David A. Jaffray Treatment planning: principles of systems and optimization / Hanne M. Kooy ... [et al.] Treatment planning: passive scattering / Hanne M. Kooy and Judy A. Adams Treatment planning: intensity-modulated proton therapy / Antony John Lomax Clinical issues in proton radiotherapy / Thomas F. DeLaney Overview of experience with heavier charged particle radiotherapy / Hirohiko Tsujii, Tadashi Kamada, and Juergen Debus Pediatric tumors / Torunn Yock ... [et al.] Central nervous system / Helen A. Shih ... [et al.] Eye / Evangelos S. Gragoudas ... [et al.] Skull base and cervical spine / Eugen B. Hug and John E. Munzenrider Bone and soft tissue / Thomas F. DeLaney and David G. Kirsch Head and neck: paranasal sinus and nasal cavity / Pascal Pommier ... [et al.] Head and neck: nasopharynx / Samir Patel ... [et al.] Head and neck: oropharynx, oral cavity, and salivary glands / Jerry D. Slater and Ryan S. Grover Prostate / Anthony L. Zietman, William U. Shipley, and Hiroshi Tsuji Lung / David A. Bush Gastrointestinal malignancies / Koichi Tokuuye ... [et al.] Gynecologic carcinoma / Takashi Nakano ... [et al.] Breast / Shannon M. MacDonald and Alphonse G. Taghian Potential role of proton therapy in the management of lymphoma / Nancy Price Mendenhall and Daniel Yeung.


ISBN: 0781765528

Titolo: Proton and Charged Particle Radiotherapy


Editore: Lippincott Williams

Volume: Unico

Edizione: 2007

Lingua: Inglese

Finitura: Copertina rigida

Misure: 22x28 cm

Pagine: 300

Peso: 1 kg