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Plastic Surgery : Trunk and Lower Extremity

di Mathes - Neligan  • 2012  • dettagli prodotto

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Volume Four: Lower Extremity, Trunk and BurnsDavid SongSection I: Lower Extremity Surgery1 Comprehensive lower extremity anatomy XXXGinard I. Henry and Grant M. Kleiber2 Management of lower extremity trauma XXXShannon Colohan and Michel Saint-Cyr3 Lymphatic reconstruction of the extremities XXXRuediger G. H. Baumeister, David W. Chang, and Peter C. Neligan4 Lower extremity sarcoma reconstruction XXXGoetz A.Giessler and Michael Sauerbier5 Reconstructive surgery: Lower extremity coverage XXXJoon Pio Hong6 Diagnosis and treatment of painful neuroma and of nerve compression in the lower extremity XXXA. Lee Dellon7 Skeletal reconstruction XXXStephen J. Kovach and L. Scott Levin8 Foot reconstruction XXXMark W. Clemens, Lawrence B. Colen, and Christopher E. AttingerSection II: Trunk Surgery9 Comprehensive trunk anatomy XXXMichael A. Howard and Sara R. Dickie10 Reconstruction of the chest XXXDavid H. Song and Michelle C. Roughton11 Reconstruction of the soft tissues of the back XXXGregory A. Dumanian12 Abdominal wall reconstruction XXXNavin K. Singh, Marwan R. Khalifeh, and Jonathan Bank13 Reconstruction of male genital defects XXXStan Monstrey, Peter Ceulemans, Nathalie Roche, Philippe Houtmeyers, Nicolas Lumen, and Piet Hoebeke14 Reconstruction of acquired vaginal defects XXXLaura Snell, Peter G. Cordeiro, and Andrea L. Pusic15 Surgery for gender identity disorder XXXLoren S. Schechter16 Pressure sores XXXRobert Kwon and Jeffrey E. Janis17 Perineal reconstruction XXXHakim K. Said and Otway LouieSection III: Burns Surgery18 Acute management of burn/electrical injuries XXXLars Steinstraesser and Sammy Al-Benna19 Extremity burn reconstruction XXXLorenzo Borghese, Alessandro Masellis, and Michele Masellis20 Cold and chemical injury to the upper extremity XXXDennis S. Kao and John Hijjawi21 Management of facial burns XXXRobert J. Spence22 Reconstructive burn surgery XXXMatthew B. Klein23 Management of patients with exfoliative disorders, epidermolysis bullosa, and TEN XXXAbdullah E. Kattan, Robert C. Cartotto, and Joel S. Fish


ISBN: 1455710555

Titolo: Plastic Surgery : Trunk and Lower Extremity


Editore: Elsevier - Saunders

Volume: Quarto

Edizione: III 2012

Lingua: Inglese

Finitura: Copertina rigida

Misure: 21x27 cm

Pagine: 720