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Diagnostic Pathology of Nervous System Tumours

di Ironside - Moss - Louis - Lowe - Weller  • 2002  • dettagli prodotto

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This book covers all neoplasms of the central and peripheral nervous systems and their immediate coverings, together with tumours of associated intracranial and spinal structures. Non-neoplastic space-occupying lesions such as cysts, vascular malformations and infective lesions will also be included. The layout of chapters and topics will be orientated around practical diagnostic considerations. The revised WHO classification for CNS tumours are used throughout.Background information on diagnostic and investigative techniques in neuropathology make this an accessible book to all those interested in pathology and neuropathology; a knowledge of basic histopathology will be assumed throughout. Enough information will be included in each section to cater for the interests of clinicians and non-medical personnel working in the field of neuro-oncology.A consistency of structure and adequate cross-referencing and indexing as well as a wealth of illustrations, including line diagrams, photographs of macroscopic specimens, electron micrographs and immunoperoxidase preparations in addition to standard histology , make this text easily accessible. A problem-orientated approach to differential diagnosis makes this book likely to be a well used reference. Table of Contents: A Practical Guide to Tumours of the Nervous SystemIntraoperative Diagnosis of Nervous System Tumours General Approach to the Diagnosis of Nervous System TumoursAstrocytic TumoursOligodendrogliomas and Oligoastrocytomas Ependymal and Choroid Plexus TumoursEmbryonal TumoursNeuronal and Mixed Neuronal-Glial TumoursPineal Parenchymal TumoursGerm Cell TumoursLymphoreticular Neoplasms Metastatic TumoursMeningiomasVascular, Melanocytic and Soft-Tissue TumoursTumours of Peripheral Nerves and Nerve Roots Pituitary Fossa TumoursCysts and Tumour-Like LesionsLocal Extensions from Adjacent TumoursDysgenetic SyndromesComplications of Tumours and Effects of Treatment


ISBN: 9780443045585

Titolo: Diagnostic Pathology of Nervous System Tumours


Editore: Elsevier - Churchill Livingstone

Volume: Unico

Edizione: 2002

Lingua: Inglese

Finitura: Copertina rigida

Misure: 21x27 cm

Pagine: 664

Peso: 2.6 kg