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copertina di AIDS and Complementary and Alternative Medicine - Current Science and Practice

AIDS and Complementary and Alternative Medicine - Current Science and Practice

di Standish - Calabrese - Galantino  • 2001  • dettagli prodotto

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€  40,79


This informative new book explains, in meticulous detail, what is known scientifically about the effectiveness of complementary and alternative medicine therapies including nutritional, botanical, homeopathic and psychospiritual for HIV/AIDS. The special research methodology challenges involved in the scientific evaluation of complementary and alternative medicine are discussed in depth, and the authors offer valuable new insights into the complex pathogenesis of AIDS. Table of Contents: Introduction. 1- Research and Etiological Issues. Research Issues in CAM and HIV/AIDS. AIDS Pathogenesis: Alternative Views. 2 - Nutritional Medicine in HIV/AIDS. Introduction to Nutritional Approaches to HIV/AIDS. Nutritional Deficiencies in AIDS Patients. Oxidative Stress. 3 - Botanical Therapies for HIV/AIDS. Botanical Medicine in AIDS. Biological & Pharmacological Therapeutics: Andrographolide. 4 - Homeopathic Medical Treatments for HIV/AIDS. Introduction to Homeopathy. Homeopathic Growth Factors for Treatment of HIV. 5 - Physical Medicine and HIV/AIDS Introduction to Physical Medicine. Neuromuscular Manifestations of HIV and Electroacupuncture. HIV Exposed Newborns and Massage. Manual Therapies for People Living with HIV Disease. Applications of Movement Therapy in HIV Disease. 6 - Bioelectromagnetic Therapies for HIV/AIDS. Introduction to Electromagnetic Therapies in HIV/AIDS. Bioelectromagnetic Medicine in HIV/AIDS Treatment. 7 - Psychospiritual Issues in HIV/AIDS. Introduction to Psychospiritual Issues in HIV/AIDS. Psychospirituality in HIV/AIDS. 8 - The Approach of Alternative Whole Medical Systems in HIV/AIDS. Introduction to Alternative Medical Systems and AIDS. HIV/AIDS: Naturopathic Medical Principles and Practice. Review of HIV-Related Traditional Chinese Medicine Research. 9 - Integrative Medical Care for People with HIV Infection. Introduction to Integrative Approaches to HIV/AIDS. The Integrated Care Model. Integrative Medicine and HIV. Research Directions: The Next Step


ISBN: 9780443058318

Titolo: AIDS and Complementary and Alternative Medicine - Current Science and Practice


Editore: Elsevier - Churchill Livingstone

Volume: Unico

Edizione: 2001

Lingua: Inglese

Finitura: Copertina flessibile

Misure: 21x27 cm

Pagine: 380

Peso: 0.7 kg