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copertina di Disorders of Brain and Mind

Disorders of Brain and Mind

di Ron - Robbins  • 2003  • dettagli prodotto

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The clinical and scientific scope of this authoritative new book encompasses abnormal and normal mind imaging, genes and behaviour, brain development, consciousness, aggression, dementia, affective illness, and drug use and abuse. It will appeal to anyone who has a clinical or scientific interest in the mind and its disorders.Table of Contents PrefacePart I. Genes and Behaviour: 1. Genes and behaviour: cognitive abilities and disabilities in normal populations Robert Plomin2. Genes and behaviour: finding a genetic substrate for cognitive neuropsychiatry David H. Skuse and Kate D. BakerPart II. Brain Development: 3. Brain development: glial cells generate neurons - implications for neuropsychiatric disorders Magdalena Götz4. Brain development: the clinical perspective Clare Beasley, Brenda Williams and Ian EverallNew Ways of Imaging the Brain: Part III. New Ways of Imaging the Brain: 5. New directions in structural imaging Xavier Chitnis and Ian Ellison-Wright6. The application of neuropathologically sensitive MRI techniques to the study of psychosis Maria A. Ron and Jacqueline FoongPart IV. Imaging the Normal and Abnormal Mind: 7. Functional neuroimaging and models of normal brain function R. J. Dolan8. Functional magnetic resonance imaging in psychiatry: where are we now and where are we going? Ed Bullmore9. Positron emission tomography (PET) neurochemistry: where are we now and where are we going? P. M. GrasbyPart V. Consciousness and Will: 10. The scientific study of consciousness Chris Frith11. Cognitive neurobiology of volition and agency in schizophrenia Sean A. SpencePart VI. Recent Advances in Dementia: 12. The neurobiology of the taupathies Maria Grazia Spillantini and Michel Goedert13. Advances in early diagnosis and differentiation of the dementias Siân A. Thompson, Peter J. Nestor and John R. HodgesPart VII. Affective Illness: 14. The neuropathology of mood disorders Paul J. Harrison and Rebecca Gittins15. The neural substrates of anxiety Simon Killcross16. Social separation models of depression Keith MatthewsPart VIII. Aggression: 17. Human aggression: biological correlates and environmental influences Don R. Cherek and Cynthia J. Pietras18. A neuro-cognitive model of the psychopathic individual R. J. R. BlairPart IX. Drug Use and Abuse: 19. The contribution of genetically manipulated animals to the study of stimulant and alcohol addiction David N. Stephens, Andy N. Mead and Tamzin L. Ripley20. The neuropsychology of chronic drug abuse Robert D Rogers and Trevor W. RobbinsIndex.


ISBN: 9780521004565

Titolo: Disorders of Brain and Mind


Editore: Cambridge University Press

Volume: Unico

Edizione: I 2003

Lingua: Inglese

Finitura: Copertina flessibile

Misure: 17x24 cm

Pagine: 492

Peso: 0.8 kg