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copertina di Ecology of Infectious Diseases in Natural Populations

Ecology of Infectious Diseases in Natural Populations

di Grenfell - Dobson  • 2008  • dettagli prodotto

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€  75,60


This is a major synthesis of the theory and empirical knowledge about the ecology and epidemiology of infectious diseases in natural, unmanaged, animal and plant populations. Throughout the book a dialogue is developed between the patterns observed in empirical studies of disease in natural populations and the mathematical models used to dissect and examine the observed epidemiological patterns. The book arose from a symposium at the Newton Institute at Cambridge University. It is divided into a number of reviews by experts in various fields and four group reports: two of these synthesize important issues relating to the dynamics of microparasites and macroparasites, while the others discuss spatial patterns in disease dynamics and the evolutionary biology of parasites, pathogens and their hosts. Table of Contents List of participantsIntroductionPart I. Broad Patterns and Processes: 1. Impact of infectious diseases on wild animal populations: a review F. M. D. Gulland2. Microparasites: observed patterns A. P. Dobson and P. J. Hudson3. Mathematical models for microparasites of wildlife J. A. P. Heesterbeek and M. G. Roberts4. Microparasite group report C. Dye5. Macroparasites: observed patterns P. J. Hudson and A. P. Dobson6. Mathematical models for macroparasites of wildlife M. G. Roberts, G. Smith and B. T. Grenfell7. Macroparasite group report G. Smith8. Critical evaluation of wildlife disease models N. D. BarlowPart II. Insects and Plants: 9. Nonlinearities in the dynamics of indirectly-transmitted infections (or, does having a vector make a difference?) C. Dye and B. G. Williams10. Model frameworks for plant-pathogen interactions J. Swinton and R. M. Anderson11. The dynamics of insect-pathogen interactions C. J. Briggs, R. S. Hails, N. D. Barlow and H. C. J. GodfrayPart III. Impact of Ecological and Genetic Heterogeneity: 12. Environmental influences on host immunity S. Lloyd13. Modelling the immuno-epidemiology of macroparasites in wildlife host populations B. T. Grenfell, K. Dietz and M. G. Roberts14. Spatial dynamics of parasitism D. Mollinson and S. A. Levin15. Spatial dynamics group report B. M. Bolker16. Genetic diversity in host-parasite interactions C. M. Lively and V. Apanius17. Genetics and evolution of infectious diseases in natural populations group report A. P. Read18. Beyond host-pathogen dynamics M. Begon and R. G. Bowers19. Glossary C. Watt, A. P. Dobson and B. T. Grenfell.


ISBN: 9780521055338

Titolo: Ecology of Infectious Diseases in Natural Populations


Editore: Cambridge University Press

Volume: Unico

Edizione: 2008

Lingua: Inglese

Finitura: Copertina flessibile

Misure: 15x22 cm

Pagine: 536