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copertina di Ultrasonography in Reproductive Medicine and Infertility

Ultrasonography in Reproductive Medicine and Infertility

di Botros - Rizk  • 2010  • dettagli prodotto

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Nowhere has the impact of ultrasonography been more dramatic than in reproductive medicine, particularly in the diagnosis of female and male infertility, the management of assisted reproductive procedures and the monitoring of early pregnancy. This authoritative textbook encompasses the complete role of ultrasonography in the evaluation of infertility and assisted reproduction. Covering every indication for ultrasonography in assisted reproductive technology, this will prove an invaluable resource in the evaluation of the infertile patient and optimization of the outcome of treatment. The interpretation of images to improve fertility and reproductive success is emphasized throughout. Ultrasonography in Reproductive Medicine and Infertility is essential reading for clinicians working both in IVF clinics and in office practice. It will be particularly useful to gynecologists, infertility specialists, ultrasonographers and radiologists working in reproductive endocrinology and infertility, assisted reproductive technology, ultrasonography and radiology.Table of Contents Foreword Stuart CampbellPart I. Imaging Techniques: 1. The future of imaging and assisted reproduction Alan H. DeCherney and Micah Hill2. Ultrasonography: physics and principles Osama M. Azmy and Karim El-Nahas3. Hysterosalpingography Shawky Badawy, Stuart J. Singer and Amr Etman4. Fertiloscopy Antoine Watrelot5. Sonohysterography William W. Brown6. Diagnostic hysteroscopy Tony Bazi and Tony G. Zreik7. Ethics of ultrasonography Osama M. Azmy and Kareem El-NahhasPart II. Ultrasonography in Fertility: 8. 3D ultrasonography and infertility Jose M. Puente and Juan A. Garcia-Velasco9. Ultrasonography diagnosis of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Manubai Nagamani and Rebecca Chilvers10. Ultrasonography monitoring of infertility in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Carolyn J. Alexander11. Ultrasonography of uterine fibroids Angela Clough and Yakoub Khalaf12. Ultrasonography of the endometrium Richard Palmer Dickey13. Ultrasonography of the cervix Mona Aboulghar and Botros Rizk14. Color Doppler imaging of ovulation induction Osama Azmy and Alaa El-Ebrashy15. Ultrasonography of pelvic endometriosis Juan A. Garcia-Velasco, Maria Cerrillo and Lia Ornat16. Adenomyosis Edward A. Lyons17. Congenital uterine malformations Mona Aboulghar18. Uterine septum Mohamed Mitwally and Mostafa Abuzeid19. Utrasonography and incidental ovarian pathology Dimitrios Siassakos, Valentine Akande and Luciano G. Nardo20. Scrotal ultrasonography in male infertility Nabil Aziz and Iwan Lewis-Jones21. Transrectal ultrasonography in male infertility Levent Gurkan, Andrew C. Harbin and Wayne J. G. Hellstrom22. Ultrasonography evaluation of acute pelvic pain Aimee Eyvazzadeh and Deborah Levine23. Ultrasonography evaluation of chronic pelvic pain Nicole Brooks and Moshood OlatinwoPart III. Ultrasonography in Assisted Reproduction: 24. Ultrasonography and IVF Luciano G. Nardo and Tarek A. Gelbaya25. Ultrasonography and hydrosalpinges in IVF Annicka Strandell and Seth Granberg26. Ultrasonography evaluation of ovarian reserve Timur Gurgan, Aygul Demirol and Suleyman Guven27. Ultrasonography in oocyte retrieval for IVF Matts Wikland and Lars Hamberger28. Ultrasonography guided embryo transfer: evidence based practice Gautam N. Allahbadia29. Ultrasonography guided embryo transfer: clinical experience Mostafa Abuzeid and Botros RizkPart IV. Early Pregnancy Following Infertility Treatment: 30. First trimester pregnancy failure William W. Brown31. Ectopic pregnancy Botros Rizk, Mostafa Abuzeid, Christine B. Rizk, Sheri Owens and Youssef Simaika32. Heterotopic pregnancy and assisted reproduction Samuel F. Marcus, Essam S. Dimitry, Maria Dimitry, Diana M. Marcus and Botros Rizk33. Cervical pregnancy Nicole Brooks, Botros Rizk, Brad Steffler, Hany F. Moustafa, Susan L. Baker and Elizabeth Puscheck34. Congenital anomalies and assisted reproductive technology Mona Aboulghar35. Multiple pregnancy following IVF James Hole, Kathy B. Porter, Robin Brown, Vicki Arguello, Tiffany Driver and Willie Cotten36. Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome Botros Rizk, Christopher B. Rizk, Mary G. Nawar, Elizabeth Puscheck, Juan A. Garcia-Velasco and Hassan N. Sallam.


ISBN: 9780521509763

Titolo: Ultrasonography in Reproductive Medicine and Infertility


Editore: Cambridge University Press

Volume: Unico

Edizione: 2010

Lingua: Inglese

Finitura: Copertina rigida

Misure: 21x27 cm