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copertina di Nitric Oxide in Bone and Joint Disease

Nitric Oxide in Bone and Joint Disease

di Hukkanen - Polak - Hughes  • 1998  • dettagli prodotto

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Nitric oxide research has emerged as one of the most important and new areas in bone and joint diseases. This book is the first one to draw together current knowledge on the actions of this mediator and its role in such common diseases as arthritis and osteoporosis.Table of Contents Foreword Julia M. PolakPart I. Nitric Oxide and Cytokines: An Introduction: 1. A brief overview of the biology of nitric oxide P. Vallance and S. Moncada2. Nitric oxide and immune responses I. B. McInness and F.Y. Liew3. Bone biology and pathophysiological mechanisms of bone disease R. G. G. Russell, P. Croucher, B. Oyajobi, S Rahman, M. Rogers and A. ScuttPart II. Nitric Oxide in Arthritis: 4. Nitric oxide and blood flow in arthritis J. C. Lockhart, L. McMurdo and W. R. Ferrell5. Effects of nitric oxide synthase inhibitors in experimental models of arthritis C. H. Evans and M. Stefanovic-Racic6. Nitric oxide and prostaglandin interactions in acute and chronic inflammation D. Salvemini7. Nitric oxide and cartilage matrix turnover M. Cao, H. J. Hauselmann, M. Stefanovic-Racic and C. H. Evans8. Nitric oxide production in human inflammatory arthritides N. Miyasaka and Y. Hirata9. The complex influences of reactive oxygen species on rheumatoid erosions and synovitis J. M. Kanczler, T. Sahinoglu, C. R. Stevens and D. R. BlakePart III. Nitric Oxide, Bone Cell Function and Osteoporosis: 10. Nitric oxide and osteoblast function F. J. Hughes, L. D. K. Buttery, M. V. J. Hukkanen and J. M. Polak11. Nitric oxide as a mediator of cytokine effects on bone S. H. Ralston12. The osteoclast, bone homeostasis and postmenopausal osteoporosis L. Mancini, N. Moradi-Bidhendi and I. MacIntyrePart IV. Nitric Oxide and Mechanical Factors: 13. Modulation of bone blood flow by nitric oxide I. D. McCarthy14. Fluid shear stress T. N. McAllister and J. A. Frangos15. Mechanical strain-associated nitric oxide production by bone cells A. A. Pitsillides and L. E. Lanyon16. The response of bone and bone cells to mechanical stimulation T. J. Chambers, J. W. M. Chow, S. Fox, R. L. Howard, C. J. Jagger, J. M. Lean, F. T. Mitchell and R. Smalt17. Aseptic loosening of total hip prostheses S. A. Corbett, M. V. J. Hukkanen, S. P. F. Hughes and J. M. PolakIndex


ISBN: 9780521592208

Titolo: Nitric Oxide in Bone and Joint Disease


Editore: Cambridge University Press

Volume: Unico

Edizione: I 1998

Lingua: Inglese

Finitura: Copertina rigida

Pagine: 206