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copertina di The Lifespan Development of Individuals - Behavioral, Neurobiological, and Psychosocial ...

The Lifespan Development of Individuals - Behavioral, Neurobiological, and Psychosocial Perspectives: A Synthesis

di Magnusson  • 1998  • dettagli prodotto

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A full understanding of the developmental process in individuals requires contributions from disciplines including developmental biology and psychology, physiology, neuropsychology, social psychology, sociology, and anthropology. This ambitious and wide-ranging book integrates the findings from these and related areas to form a holistic view of human development from conception to death. Distinguished scientists have combined their expertise in a synthesis of biological and social sciences that will demand the attention of all researchers and practitioners concerned with human development across the lifespan. Based on a Nobel symposium, the topics discussed range from the function and development of single cells to the whole organism interacting with its environment. Drawing upon new theories and models, including the study of nonlinear dynamic systems and chaos theory, this book represents a major step in the move towards an integrated science of human development.Table of Contents 1. Design for a life Patrick BatesonPart I. Early Development2. Areal specialization of the developing neocortex: differentiation, developmental plasticity and genetic specification Dennis D. M. O'Leary3.Genes and environment John C. Loehlin4. Causes and outcome of perinatal brain injury Osmund ReynoldsCommentary5. A systems view of psychobiological development Gilbert GottliebPart II. The Changing Brain6. Neurotransmitter receptors in the changing brain: allosteric transitions, gene expression and pathology at the molecular level Jean-Pierre Changeux7. Learning, memory and synaptic plasticity: cellular mechanisms, network architecture and the recording of attended experience Richard G. M. Morris8. Brain size, behavior and the allocation of neural space Dale Purves, Leonard E. White, Dake Zheng, Timothy J. Andrews and David R. RiddleCommentary9. Selection and development: the brain as a complex system Gerald M. Edelman and G. TononiPart III. Cognition and Behaviour10. Cognitive development Franz E. Weinert and Josef Perner11. Cognitive and neural development: clues from genetically-based syndromes Ursula Bellugi, Edward S. Klima and Paul P. Wang12. Language acquisition at different ages Wolfgang KleinCommentary: 13. Advances in cognitive neuroscience Antonio R. Damasio and Hanna DamasioPart IV. Biology and Socialization14. Socialization and sociogenesis Robert B Cairns15. Patterns of juvenile behavior following early hormonal interventions Robert W. Goy16. Gonadal hormones and the organization of brain structure and function Roger A. GorskiCommentary17. The brain and socialization: a two-way mediation across the life course Pierre KarliPart V. Social Competence18. The interpenetration of biology and culture Robert A. Hinde19. Temperamental contributions to the development of social behavior Jerome Kagan20. Developmental psychopathology as an organizing research construct Sir Michael RutterCommentary21. Social competence and human conflict David HamburgPart VI. Aging22. Psychological aspects of aging: facts and frontiers Paul B. Baltes and Peter Graf23. Genetics of aging and Alzheimer's disease John Hardy24. Aging and molecular biology David G. Morgan and Marcia N. GordonCommentary: 25. Biological bases for plasticity during aging of individual life histories Caleb E. Finch


ISBN: 9780521628969

Titolo: The Lifespan Development of Individuals - Behavioral, Neurobiological, and Psychosocial Perspectives: A Synthesis


Editore: Cambridge University Press

Volume: Unico

Edizione: I 1998

Lingua: Inglese

Finitura: Copertina flessibile

Pagine: 546