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copertina di Functional Neuroimaging in Child Psychiatry

Functional Neuroimaging in Child Psychiatry

di Ernst - Rumsey  • 2000  • dettagli prodotto

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€  293,99


An authoritative review of the recent development of functional neuroimaging techniques in child psychiatry. Unique in its focus on children, it presents imaging techniques in language accessible to nonspecialists and will help clinicians and investigators to understand the mechanisms of childhood psychiatric disorders, and select the most appropriate imaging techniques.Table of Contents Foreword Joseph CoylePreface Monique Ernst and Judith RumseyPart I. Techniques of Functional Neuroimaging: 1. Functional brain imaging with PET and SPECT Peter Herscovitch and Monique Ernst2. Modeling of PET/SPECT receptor images Evan Morris, Raymond Muzic, Bradley Christian, Christopher Endres and Ronald Fisher3. Techniques of functional neuroimaging: functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) Guinevere F. Eden and Thomas A. Zeffiro4. MRS in childhood psychiatric disorders Deborah Yurgelun-Todd and Perry Renshaw5. Magnetoencephalography (MEG) Donald Rojas, Peter Teale and Martin ReitePart II. Ethical Issues in Neuroimaging Reseach with Children Eugene Arnold, Alan Zametkin, Lauren Caravella and Nicole KorblyPart III. Normal Development: 6. Brain development and evolution Manuel Casanova, Daniel Buxhoeveden and Gurkirpal Sohal7. Cognitive development from a neuropsychological perspective Daisy Pascualvaca and Gloria Morote8. Cognitive and behavioural probes of developmental landmarks for use in functional neuroimaging B. J. Casey, Kathleen Thomas, Tomihisa Welsh, Rona Livnat and Clayton EccardPart IV. Psychiatric Disorders: 9. Autism Diane Chugani10. Functional imaging in childhood onset schizophrenia Leslie Jacobsen and Alessandro Bertolino11. Pediatric mood disorders and neuroimaging Robert A. Kowatch, Pablo Davanzo and Graham J. Emslie12. New frontiers in neuroimaging of childhood onset anxiety disorders David Rosenberg, Lori Paulson, Frank MacMaster and Gregory Moore13. Functional brain imaging in Tourette's syndrome: what are we really imaging? Bradley Peterson and Prakash Thomas14. Functional neuroimaging in dyslexia: conceptual issues and psychiatric comorbidity Frank Wood and Lynn Flowers15. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: neuroimaging and behavioural/cognitive probes Julie B. Schweitzer, Carl Anderson and Monique Ernst16. Eating disorders Uttom Chowdhury, Isky Gordon and Bryan LaskPart V. Future Directions: 17. Techniques of molecular genetics David Vandenbergh18. Issues in the genetic study of complex neurobehavioral conditions David Pauls19. The duplicity of plasticity: a conceptual approach to the study of early lesions and developmental disorders Ralph Axel Mueller and Eric Courchesne20. Utility of the CANTAB battery in functional neuroimaging A. C. H. Lee, A. M. Owen, R. D. Rogers, B. J. Sahakian and T. W. Robbins21. Neurodevelopmental assessment of cognitive function using the Cambridge Neuropsychological Testing Automated Battery (CANTAB): validation and future goals Monica Luciana and Charles Nelson22. Functional neuroimaging in child psychiatry: future directions Monique Ernst and Judith RumseyGlossaryIndex


ISBN: 9780521650441

Titolo: Functional Neuroimaging in Child Psychiatry


Editore: Cambridge University Press

Volume: Unico

Edizione: I 2000

Lingua: Inglese

Finitura: Copertina rigida

Pagine: 440