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copertina di Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment in Mental Health

Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment in Mental Health

di Johnson - Needle - Bindman - Thornicroft  • 2008  • dettagli prodotto

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€  44,40


This practical and pioneering book describes the evidence for the effectiveness of crisis resolution and home treatment teams, the principles underpinning them, how to set up and organise them, how patients should be assessed and what types of care the teams should offer. Pragmatic case studies illustrate the key points.Table of Contents Part I. Introduction and Concepts: 1. Introduction Sonia Johnson and Justin Needle2. The development of crisis resolution and home treatment teams Sonia Johnson and Graham Thornicroft3. The crisis resolution team model - recent developments and dissemination Gyles Glover and Sonia JohnsonPart II. The Evidence: 4. The classic home treatment studies Sonia Johnson and Graham Thornicroft5. Recent research on crisis resolution teams - findings and limitations Sonia Johnson and Jonathan P. BindmanPart III. Current Practice: 6. Crisis resolution teams - rationale and core model Sonia Johnson and Justin Needle7. The crisis resolution team within the community service system Jonathan P. Bindman8. Assessment of crises John Hoult and Mary-Anne Cotton9. Assessment and management of risk Neil Brimblecombe10. Symptom management John Hoult and Fiona Nolan11. Practical psychosocial interventions Jonathan P. Bindman and Martin Flowers12. Working with families and social networks Christopher Bridgett and Harm Gijsman13. Strategies for promoting engagement and treatment adherence Mary Jane Tacchi and Jan Scott14. Mixed blessings - service user experience of crisis teams Alison Faulkner and Helen Blackwell15. Early discharge and joint working between crisis teams and hospital services Fiona Nolan and Sylvia Tang16. Working with repeat CRT service users Martin Flowers and Jonathan P. Bindman17. Responding to diversity in home treatment Danny Antebi, Waquas Waheed, Sonia Johnson and Lisa Marrett18. Coercion and compulsion in crisis resolution teams Jonathan P. BindmanPart IV. Variations and Enhancements: 19. Integration of the crisis resolution function within community mental health teams Alan Rosen, Paul Clenaghan, Feleena Emerton and Simon Richards20. Home treatment and 'hospitality' within a comprehensive community mental health centre Roberto Mezzina and Sonia Johnson21. Crisis resolution teams and older people Ciaran Regan and Claudia Cooper22. Integrating day treatment and crisis resolution teams Mary Jane Tacchi23. Integrating crisis residential and crisis resolution teams Brynmor Lloyd-Evans, Sonia Johnson and Helen GilburtPart V. Developing a Local Service: 24. Planning and implementing a local service Martin Flowers and John Hoult25. Recruiting, training and retaining an effective crisis team Steve Ramsey and Warren Shaw26. Operational management of crisis resolution teams Stephen Niemiec.


ISBN: 9780521678759

Titolo: Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment in Mental Health


Editore: Cambridge University Press

Volume: Unico

Edizione: 2008

Lingua: Inglese

Finitura: Copertina flessibile

Misure: 17x24 cm

Pagine: 336