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copertina di Behavior and Mood Disorders in Focal Brain Lesions

Behavior and Mood Disorders in Focal Brain Lesions

di Bogousslavsky - Cummings  • 2000  • dettagli prodotto

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Unique and authoritative, this book is the first clinical reference work to address specifically the relationship of focal brain dysfunction to behavioural and emotional disorders. In it a worldwide team of neuroscientists and clinicians examines these links and the current state of research, providing the basis for improved patient care.Table of Contents AcknowledgementsPreface1. Emotional consequences of focal brain lesions: an overview Jeffrey Cummings and Julien Bogousslavsky2. The evaluation of mood and behavior in patients with focal brain lesions David Desmond3. Methodological issues in studying secondary mood disorders Jordan Grafman and Deborah Warden4. Disorders of behavior and mood in focal brain lesion Florence Ghika-Schmid and Julien Bogousslavsky5. Depression and lesion location in stroke Robert Robinson6. Mood and behavior in disorders of basal ganglia Joseph Ghika7. Mania and manic-like disorders Sergio Starkstein and Facundo Manes8. Behavioral and emotional changes after focal frontal lobe damage Paul Eslinger and Laszlo Geder9. Abulia, apathy, athymhormia: toward a neurology of human motivation Michel Habib10. Thalmic behavioral syndrome Atsushi Yamadori11. Obsessive compulsive disorders in association with focal brain lesions F. Etcharry-Boux and F. Dubas12. Emotional dysprosody and similar dysfunctions Diana Van Lancker and Caterina Breitenstein13. Temporal lobe behavioral syndromes Serge Bakchine14. Neural correlates of violent behavior Daniel Tranel15. Focal lesions and psychosis Terri Edwards-Lee and Jeffrey Cummings16. Alterations in sexual behavior following focal brain injury John Ringman and Jeffrey Cummings17. Anosognosia Patrik Vuilleumier18. Acute confusional states and delirium Louis CaplanIndex


ISBN: 9780521774826

Titolo: Behavior and Mood Disorders in Focal Brain Lesions


Editore: Cambridge University Press

Volume: Unico

Edizione: I 2000

Lingua: Inglese

Finitura: Copertina flessibile

Pagine: 566