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copertina di Textbook of Pediatric HIV Care

Textbook of Pediatric HIV Care

di Zeichner - Read  • 2005  • dettagli prodotto

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This comprehensive textbook provides the definitive account of effective care for pediatric HIV patients. Drawing on the massive and burgeoning published literature from a wide range of sources, this volume summarises a wealth of information concerning the aetiology of the disease and the best clinical care for this vulnerable group. It distils the very latest knowledge of virology, immunology and pathogenesis and uses this to illuminate and explain management recommendations. Recently, many new agents for the treatment and prophylaxis of HIV infection and the opportunistic infections that accompany HIV infection have been developed, accompanied by many new ways of monitoring HIV infection in children. These new therapies and approaches to management are complicated, but the long-term health of HIV-infected children depends on their meticulously correct application. This textbook explains, helps and guides the clinician through all these complexities to facilitate the best possible care for children with HIV infection.Contents:Foreword Cathy Wilfert List of contributors Preface Introduction Part I. Scientific Basis of Pediatric HIV Care: 1. Normal development and physiology of the immune system Sherlyn Smith and Ann J. Melvin 2. HIV basic virology for clinicians Steven L. Zeichner 3. The immunology of pediatric HIV disease Elizabeth J. McFarland 4. The clinical virology of pediatric HIV disease Paul Palumbo 5. The natural history of pediatric HIV disease Grace M. Aldrovandi 6. Epidemiology of pediatric HIV disease Mary Lou Lindegren Part II. General Issues in the Care of Pediatric HIV Patients: 7. Diagnosis of HIV infection in children Paul Krogstad 8. Prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV Jennifer S. Read 9. Routine pediatric care Elaine Abrams and Lisa-Gaye Robinson 10. Immunizations Rachel Y. Moon 11. Prevention of opportunistic infections and other infectious complications of HIV in children Russell B. Van Dyke 12. Emergency evaluation and care James M. Callahan 13. Adherence to antiretroviral therapy in children and youth John Farley 14. Adolescents and HIV Bret R. Rudy 15. Adolescent reproductive health and HIV Ligia Peralta and Sandra Cely 16. Growth, nutrition and metabolism Caroline J. Chantry and Jack Moye Jr 17. Neurobehavioral function and assessment of children with and adolescents with HIV-1 infection Pamela L. Wolters and Pim Brouwers Part III. Antiretroviral Therapy: 18. Antiretroviral therapy Ross McKinney Jr 19. Antiretroviral drug interactions Thomas N. Kakuda and Courtney V. Fletcher 20. Metabolic complications of antiretroviral therapy in children Carol J. Worrell 21. HIV drug resistance Frank Maldarelli 22. Initiating and changing antiretroviral therapy Lynne M. Mofenson and Leslie K. Serchuck 23. Therapeutic drug monitoring Stephen C. Piscitelli 24. HIV post-exposure prophylaxis for pediatric patients Kenneth L. Dominguez Part IV. Clinical Manifestations of HIV Infection in Children: 25. Cutaneous diseases Andrew Blauvelt 26. Neurologic problems Lucy Civitello 27. Ophthalmologic problems Howard F. Fine, Susan S. Lee and Michael R. Robinson 28. Oral health and dental problems Jane C. Atkinson 29. Otitis media and sinusitis Ellen R. Wald and Barry Dashefsky 30. Cardiac problems Gul H. Dadlani and Steven E. Lipshultz 31. Pulmonary problems Lauren V. Wood 32. Hematologic problems William C. Owen and Eric J. Werner 33. Gastrointestinal disorders Harland S. Winter and Jack Moye 34 Renal disease associated with pediatric HIV infection Somsak Tanawattanacharoen and Jeffrey B. Kopp 35. Endocrine disorders Daina Dreimane and Mitchell E. Geffner 36. Neoplastic disease in pediatric HIV infection Richard F. Little Part V. Infectious Problems in Pediatric HIV Disease: 37. Serious infections caused by typical bacteria Shirley Jankelevich 38. Tuberculosis Rohan Hazra 39. Disseminated Mycobacterium avium complex infection Robert N. Husson 40 Fungal infections Corina E. Gonzalez


ISBN: 9780521821537

Titolo: Textbook of Pediatric HIV Care


Editore: Cambridge University Press

Volume: Unico

Edizione: 2005

Lingua: Inglese

Finitura: Copertina rigida

Misure: 22x28 cm

Pagine: 784