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copertina di Cognition and Cancer

Cognition and Cancer

di Meyers - Perry  • 2008  • dettagli prodotto

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Serves as a resource for health care professionals working with cancer patients who experience cognitive changes as a result of their cancer and its treatment. Provides practical information to help improve care by explaining how to identify, assess and treat these conditions.Table of Contents PrefaceList of contributorsPart I. Cognition and the Brain: Measurement, Tools, and Interpretation: 1. Introduction Christina A. Meyers and James R. Perry2. Clinical neuropsychology Jill B. Rich and Angela K. Troyer3. Brain imaging investigation of chemotherapy-induced neurocognitive changes Brenna C. McDonald, Andrew J. Saykin and Tim A. Ahles4. Role of neuropsychological assessment in cancer patients Elana Farace5. Neuropsychological assessment of adults with cancer Anne E. Kayl, Robert Collins, and Jeffrey S. Wefel6. Neuropsychological assessment of children with cancer Louise Penkman Fennell and Robert W. ButlerPart II. Effects of Cancer and Cancer Treatment on Cognition: 7. Biological bases of radiation injury to the brain Edward G. Shaw and Mike E. Robbins8. Chemotherapy and biological response modifier-related cognitive dysfunction Jeffrey S. Wefel, Robert Collins and Anne E. Kayl9. Effect of hormones and hormonal treatment on cognition Christien Schilder, Sanne Schagen and Frits van Dam10. Low grade gliomas Martin J. B. Taphoorn and Charles G. Niel11. High grade gliomas Michael J. Glantz and James R. Perry12. Brain metastases Deepak Khuntia, Beela S. Mathew, Christina A. Meyers, Sterling Johnson and Minesh P. Mehta13. Primary Central Nervous System lymphoma Denise D. Correa14. Childhood brain tumors H. Stacy Nicholson, Louise Penkman Fennell and Robert W. Butler15. Neurofibromatosis Bartlett D. Moore, III and John M. Slopis16. Hematological malignancies Melissa Friedman and Mercedes Fernandez17. Paraneoplastic disorders Edward Dropcho18. Symptomatic therapies and supportive care issues Alan Valentine and Eduardo Bruera19. Animal models and cancer related symptoms Adrian DunnPart III. Interventions and Implications for Clinical Trials: 20. Behavioral strategies and rehabilitation Dona E. C. Locke, Jane H. Cerhan and James F. Malec21. Support services Bebe Guill and Renee H. Raynor22. Pharmacologic interventions for the treatment of radiation-induced brain injury Edward G. Shaw, Jerome Butler, L. Douglas Case, Ralph d'Agostino, Jr., John Gleason, Jr., Edward Ip, Mike E. Robbins, Paul Saconn and Stephen R. Rapp23. Neurocognitive testing in clinical trials Jennifer A. Smith and Jeffrey S. Wefel.


ISBN: 9780521854825

Titolo: Cognition and Cancer


Editore: Cambridge University Press

Volume: Unico

Edizione: 2008

Lingua: Inglese

Finitura: Copertina rigida

Misure: 19x25 cm

Pagine: 353

Peso: 0.9 kg