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copertina di Pain Management and Regional Anesthesia in Trauma

Pain Management and Regional Anesthesia in Trauma

di Rosenberg - Grande - Bernstein  • 1999  • dettagli prodotto

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This new, multi-contributed book is a comprehensive yet highly practical guide to the critical issues pertaining to prehospital, preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative pain management. It contains detailed and clear instructions on how to perform techniques, as well ashighlighting the advantages, disadvantages and pitfalls associated not only with the problems but also the solutions. The book is divided into four major sections; Basics of Trauma and Pain; Location-Based Pain Management; Perioperative Pain Management and Regional Anesthesia; and Pain Management for Specific Trauma Populations. Table of Contents: Part I: BASICS: INTERFACE of TRAUMA and PAIN. General Introduction to Trauma, K Gupta,N Parr & J Nolan (UK). Overview of Pain Mechanisms and Neuroanatomy, M Liu, FM Ferrante (Philadelphia, USA). The Effects of Pain in the Trauma Patient, N Patel, C Smith Et Al. (Cleveland, Ohio, USA). Pharmacologic Management of Trauma Patients, P Raj, C Hartrick (Lubbock, Texas, USA). Advantages and Disadvantages of Regional Anesthesia and Analgesia in Specific Situations, M Marshall (New York, USA). Part II: LOCATION-BASED PAIN MANAGEMENT: CONCEPTS and CONSIDERATIONS. Pain Management in the Prehospital Setting: On Site and Transport, T Wisborg, H Flatten (Norway). Pain Management in the ER: Initial Evaluation and Interventions, M Lipp, A Thierbach, W Dick (Germany). Pain Management in the OR: Regional Anesthesia for Operative Intervention and to Augment General Anesthesia, NM Gajraj, A. Giesecke (Dallas, Texas). Pain Management and Sedation in the ICU, R Pearl Et Al. (Stanford, California, USA). Pain Management in the Rehabilitation Center, F Falco, C Narrow, P. Raj, D Breitstein. K Abrams, C Grande (Baltimore, Maryland, USA). Part III: PERIOPERATIVE PAIN MANAGEMENT in TRAUMA: TECHNIQUES and APPLICATIONS. Patient-Controlled Analgesia, A Rosenberg, B Porter (Iowa), J Lupatkin (New York, USA). Epidural and Spinal Techniques, S Hassassian, H Tabakian (Baltimore, Maryland, USA). Continuous Peripheral Nerve Blocks for the Management of Trauma to the Extremities, A Winnie, K Candido, M Torres (Chicago, Illinois, USA). Thoracic Blocks, G Orliaguet, P Carli (Paris, France). Non-Pharmacologic Techniques for Pain Management, B Snow, P Gusmarino (New York, USA). Part IV: PAIN MANAGEMENT for SPECIFIC TRAUMA PATIENT POPULATIONS and INJURED ORGAN SYSTEMS. The Pediatric Trauma Patient, L Broadman (Morganstown, USA). The Pregnant Trauma Patient, P Dalby, S Ramanathan (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania). The Burn Patient, L Deloach, J Stiff (Baltimore, Maryland, USA). The Trauma Patient with Thoracic and Abdominal Injuries, R. Sinatra, S. Ennevor (New Haven, Connecticut, USA). The Trauma Patient with Neurologic Injuries, I Osborne, H Choudhri. G Sandor (New York, USA). The Trauma Patient with Orthopedic Injuries, R Bernstein, A Rosenberg, D Albert (New York, USA). Chronic Pain After Trauma: Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and Phantom Pain Syndrome, PA Mendez-Tellez, M. Lema (Buffalo, New York, USA).


ISBN: 9780702022852

Titolo: Pain Management and Regional Anesthesia in Trauma


Editore: Elsevier - Bailliere Tindall

Volume: Unico

Edizione: 1999

Lingua: Inglese

Finitura: Copertina rigida

Misure: 20x26 cm

Pagine: 464

Peso: 1.4 kg