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copertina di Promoting Men' s Health - Developing Practice

Promoting Men' s Health - Developing Practice

di Davidson - Lloyd  • 2000  • dettagli prodotto

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€  32,39


This book is aimed at addressing the most pressing needs of health professionals working around health issues with men. The book is divided into three parts:Part 1 Mens Health, the context for practice, brings together issues around the policy and statistical background to why mens health is an urgent priority, and begins to explore why mens health needs are specific and different and the challenges that they present to health services.Part 2, Developing Practice is the biggest section of the book and brings together a comprehensive range of case studies based on practice. All the contributors have been involved in pioneering work in mens health, and they have been asked to focus on what they have learned about the opportunities and barriers involved. These chapters providea unique resource for practitioners to share the experiences and lessons learned from practice. Chapters cover strategy, as well as the challenges posed by different settings and specific client groups, and addressing specific conditions, which affect men.Part 3; Guidelines for practice draws together the key themes which emerge form Part 2 and how these can be used to devise and deliver successful interventions. Table of Contents: PART I: MEN AND HEALTH: THE CONTEXT FOR PRACTICE · Inequalities in men's health · Commissioning and men: the case of STDs · PART II: DEVELOPING PRACTICE · Men's health: what should health promotion units do? · The development of men's health in Australia · It Takes Two: a contraceptive campaign aimed at men · Developing resources · Psychosexual counselling · The new men's media · Self-help groups · A community health approach to men's health · Promoting weight loss in men aged 40-45: the Keeping It Up campaign · Alive and Kicking: using sport to improve men's health · Primary care · Well man clinics · Addressing skin cancer prevention with outdoor workers · Health care for male prisoners · Promoting black men's health · Sex education for young men · Gay and bisexual men's general health · Testicular cancer: no laughing matter · A suicide prevention strategy for young men · PART III: GUIDELINES FOR PRACTICE · Guidelines for practice · Appendix 1: Further reading and resources · Appendix 2: Alive and Kicking task sheets


ISBN: 9780702024160

Titolo: Promoting Men' s Health - Developing Practice


Editore: Elsevier - Bailliere Tindall

Volume: Unico

Edizione: 2000

Lingua: Inglese

Finitura: Copertina flessibile

Misure: 14x21 cm

Pagine: 336

Peso: 0.5 kg