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copertina di Introduction to Group Treatment for Aphasia, Design and Management

Introduction to Group Treatment for Aphasia, Design and Management

di Marshall  • 1999  • dettagli prodotto

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Until recently, group treatment has been overlooked in favor of individual therapy for communication disorders. However, due to changes in healthcare brought about by managed care's focus on containing costs, there has been a renewed interest in group treatment. Designed for speech-language pathologists who want to move their practices in a new direction by initiating group therapy programs, and for those who already run group programs but wish to manage them more effectively, this book addresses a wide range of key issues, including appropriate environments, types of programs, group composition and scheduling, and documentation and accountability. Practical issues important to group leaders, such as logistics, recruitment, costs of group treatment, and activity planning, are also discussed. Introduction to Group Treatment of Aphasia: Design and Management is a necessity for all speech-language pathologists who want to start successful group therapy programs and better meet the needs of their clients. Table of Contents: 1. Introduction to Group Treatment for Individuals with Aphasia:Organization; I. PLANNING AND ORGANIZATION: 2. Benefits of Group Treatment: General Benefits of Group Treatment; Individual Benefits; Health Care Organization Benefits; Saving Time for Staff; 3. Logistics: Recruitment; Transportation Issues; Space; 4. Funding: The Cost of Group Treatment; 5. Group Composition: Size; Group Homogeneity; Standards for Participation; Admissions, Discharges, New Members; Leadership; II. TREATMENT METHODS: 6. Prerequisites to Group Treatment: Expectations; Prerequisite Background Information on Group Patients; 7. A Synopsis of Group Treatment Programs for Aphasia: Communication-Focused Groups; Psychosocial Focused Group Treatment for Aphasia; Transitional Groups; 8. Group Treatment Activities: Structured Television Viewing; Dollhouse Project; Reminiscence; Cooperative Group Treatment; Painting a Picture; Bargaining Game; Decision Making; Communication Snags; Low Level Participation; Planning an Activity; Fixing a Meal; Competition Tasks; Conversation Pieces; Resources for Group Treatment Materials; III. DOCUMENTATION: 9. Documentation in the Treatment Session: The Treatment Session; Tracking Forms; 10. Monthly Documentation: Selecting the Documentation Tool;Standardized Tests; Verbal Outcome Measures; Communicative Efficiency;Overall Measures of Communicative Efficiency; Task-Specific Measures of Information Exchange; Psychosocial Outcome Measures; Final Comments on Monthly Documentation; 11. Social Validation: Observation; Use of Naïve Raters and Peer Groups; Social Validation Questionnaires; Client Self-Reports; Intake and Exit Interviews; 12. Some Final Comments: Fears for the Future; Hopes; Final Images


ISBN: 9780750670135

Titolo: Introduction to Group Treatment for Aphasia, Design and Management


Editore: Elsevier - Butterworth - Heinemann

Volume: Unico

Edizione: 1999

Lingua: Inglese

Finitura: Copertina flessibile

Misure: 21x27 cm

Pagine: 208

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