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copertina di Introduction to Emergency Medicine

Introduction to Emergency Medicine

di Mitchell  • 2005  • dettagli prodotto

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€  55,00


This new text covers basic principles commonly found in the introduction to emergency medicine course. Comprised of five sections, diagnosis and management is presented from an emergency medicine perspective. Includes 75 case-based clinical vignettes to help students prepare for the course and clerkship as well as the USMLE. The common complaint section features a template covering differential history and physical, pathophysiology, and treatment of the given topics. Illustrations and line drawings supplement the text. Curricula objectives from the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine (SAEM) and the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) are addressed.Includes bibliographical references and index.History of emergency medicine / Benjamin Honigman Principles of resuscitation / Joseph H. Kahn Shock / Robert S. Chang Myocardial infarction / James Ford Pulmonary embolus / David Schindler Pneumothorax / Rishi Sikka Atypical chest pain / Rohit Gupta Congestive heart failure / Ron Medzon Asthma / Tipton Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease / Elizabeth Mitchell Pneumonia / Darcy Bittner Aortic dissection / Todd Thomsen Urolithiasis / Michael Filbin Pyelonephritis / Robert Murray Musculoskeletal disorder / Eric Legome Abdominal aortic aneurysm / Ami Dave Cholecystitis / Deborah Wong Appendicitis / Karen Casper Diverticulitis / Jeffrey Evans Gastrointestinal bleeding / David Peak, Diane Heller Bowel obstructions / Christopher Kabrhel Hyperemesis / Vicki Noble Gastroenteritis / M.W. Lai Abnormal vaginal bleeding in the nonpregnant patient / Laura Eliseo Complications of the first trimester pregnancy / Robert Dart Pelvic infections / Rebecca Steinberg Pelvic pain / Robert Dart Subarachnoid hemorrhage / Fred N. Jones Migraine / Thomas Perera Central nervous system infections / J. David Walsh Central nervous system neoplasms / Michelle Fischer Acute and chronic alcohol intoxication / Merle Carter, Edward Bernstein Metabolic disorders / Rob Lowenstein Seizure disorder / Joel Wasserman Psychiatric emergencies / Brendan Magauran Cerebrovascular accident / Ron Medzon Vertigo / Frank Carrano Syncope / Tara Director Neuromuscular weakness / Kerry McCabe Traveler's fever / Nanette Lugo Hiv and fever / Thea James Bacterial source of fever / Michael Snyder Fever of uncertain etiology / Brian Hession Prehospital emergency medical services systems / Alexander P. Isakov Disaster management / Kathyrn Brinsfield Hazardous materials / Sophia Dyer General approach to trauma / Simon Roy Musculoskeletal trauma / Elizabeth Mitchell Trauma during pregnancy / Robert P. Collins Burns / Mary H. Stewart Introduction to the poisoned patient / Sophia Dyer, Michelle Fischer Toxidromes / Edward W. Boyer Drugs of abuse / Michelle Fischer Cardiovascular medications overdose / Mark B. Mycyk Acetaminophen / Steven Wexler Salicylate overdose / Brook Beall Hyperthermia / Lamont Clay Hypothermia / J. Matthew Sholl Submersion injuries / Ted Curcio Electrical and lightning injuries / John Swanson Bites and stings / Robert L. Hood, Nicolas Jouriles Laboratory medicine / Peter W. Emblad Arterial blood gases / Peter W. Emblad, Corey Slovis Culturing fluids / Kevin G. Wheeler Pain management, analgesia, and sedation / Amy Kontrick Airway management / Keith Boniface Peripheral intravenous access / Patricia Maher Harrison Central catheter insertion / Kris Arnold Anesthesia : local anesthetic agents and regional blocks / Andreas Dewitz Wound care / Sangeeta Kaushik, Judith Linden Soft tissue infections / Jeff Schneider Lumbar puncture / Jonathan Wasserman Arthrocentesis / Lynn Dezelon, Katherine Manzon, Sandra Najarian Dislocations / Mark Bracken, Tri Tong Extremity splinting / William E. Baker.


ISBN: 9780781732000

Titolo: Introduction to Emergency Medicine


Editore: Lippincott Williams

Volume: Unico

Edizione: 2005

Lingua: Inglese

Finitura: Copertina flessibile

Pagine: 752