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copertina di Psychosomatic Medicine  - DVD included

Psychosomatic Medicine - DVD included

di Blumenfield - Strain  • 2006  • dettagli prodotto

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€  193,00


Psychosomatic Medicine is a book and DVD package providing a fresh approach to mastering the concepts and practice of modern consult-liaison psychiatry for residents and practitioners. Written by over 90 internationally known contributors, the comprehensive 2-color book includes psychosomatic medicine symptoms, diagnostic dilemmas, and the interaction between numerous physical and psychiatric conditions. Special topics addressed include diagnostic and classificatory dilemmas, women's health issues, pregnancy, sexuality, ethical considerations, drug interactions, and more. Section openers written by the book's editors tie the chapters together and draw interesting and helpful comparisons. The bonus DVD features the fully searchable text, references, questions and answers, Power Point lectures, and trial versions of psychosomatic medicine software applications.Table Of Contents EVOLUTION OF PSYCHOSOMATIC MEDICINE: Psychosomatic Medicine: History of a "New" Specialty, Don R. Lipsitt / An International View of Consult-Liaison Psychiatry, Graeme C. Smith / Symptoms: Historical Perspective and Effect on Diagnosis, German E. Berrios and Ivana S. Marková / Diagnostic and Classificatory Dilemmas, Paul R. McHugh and Michael R. Clark / Depression: A Systemic Illness, Monica Kelly Cowles and Charles B. Nemeroff / Evolution of Measurement, Courtland Tisdale and John S. Lyons / Implications of Culture, Jon Streltzer / Forensic Considerations, Phillip J. Resnick and Renée M. SorrentinoPHYSICAL CONDITIONS: Cardiovascular Disease, Mark W. Ketterer, Walter Knysz, Sanjay Khanal and Michael Hudson / Oncology, Jimmie C. Holland and Miriam M. Friedlander / Gastrointestinal Disease, Francis Creed / Renal Disease, Norman B. Levy, Lewis M. Cohen and Edward G. Tessier / Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders, Eduardo A. Colón / Pulmonary Disease, Wendy L. Thompson and Stephen P. Sullivan / Neurological Disease: Parkinson Disease, Epilepsy, Migraine Headaches, Multiple Sclerosis, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, and Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, David Myland Kaufman and Daniel J. Smuckler / Stroke, Robert G. Robinson and Oladipo Kukoyi / HIV Disease, Stephen J. Ferrando and Maria L.A. Tiamson-Kassab / Infectious Diseases, Maria L.A. Tiamson-Kassab and Stephen J. Ferrando / Burn Injuries, Frederick J. Stoddard, Jr., John B. Levine and Kate K. Lund / Physical Trauma, Ulrik Fredrik Malt, Eva Albertsen Malt and Ulrich Schnyder / Surgical Conditions, José R. Maldonado / Transplantation, Nora Turjanski and Geoffrey G. Lloyd / Rheumatoid Diseases, Harvey M. BermanPSYCHIATRIC CONDITIONS: Anxiety, Russell Noyes, Jr. and Caroline P. Carney / Suicidality, Cynthia R. Pfeffer / Alcoholism, Thomas P. Beresford / Substance Abuse, Stephen Ross, Eric Collins and Marc Galanter / Delirium, Soenke Boettger, Miriam Friedlander and William Breitbart / Dementia, Elizabeth W. Galik, Peter Rabins and Constantine G. Lyketsos / Somatization, Sean H. Yutzy / Body Dysmorphic Disorder, Katharine A. Phillips / Conversion Disorders, Elizabeth Haase / Hypochondriasis, James J. Strain and Mark Loigman / Factitious Disorders, David A. Straker and Steven E. HylerSPECIAL TOPICS: Women's Health Issues, Robin Horwitz-Stern and Yvette Smolin / Pregnancy, Susan Kemker and Martha Gamboa / Sexuality, Kenneth M. Pollock, Evan Goldfischer and Alan Altman / Death and Dying, David W. Kissane and Shannon Poppito / Pain and Palliative Care, Rollin M. Gallagher and Nancy Wiedemer / Ethical Considerations, Rosamond Rhodes and James J. Strain / Psychotropic Drugs in the Medically Ill, Dan-Vy Mui and Lawrence A. Labbate / Overview of Drug Interactions in Psychosomatic Medicine, Kelly L. Cozza, Scott C. Armstrong, Jessica R. Oesterheld, Neil B. Sandson and Gary H. Wynn / Psychotherapy, Harold Bronheim / Psychodynamic Approach, Michael Blumenfield, James J. Strain and Stanley Grossman / Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, James J. Strain, Kimberley Klipstein, Seema Quraishi and Jennifer M. Finkel / Personality Traits and Disorders, Robert E. Feinstein / Interventions, Outcomes, and Costs, Stephen M. SaravayFUTURE PERSPECTIVES: Evidence-Based Medicine, Robert E. Feinstein / Genomic Testing, David A. Mrazek and James J. Rasimas / Brain Imaging, Paul C. Fletcher and Philip R. Corlett / Medical Informatics, Jay J. Strain


ISBN: 9780781760461

Titolo: Psychosomatic Medicine - DVD included


Editore: Lippincott Williams

Volume: Unico

Edizione: 2006

Lingua: Inglese

Finitura: Copertina rigida

Pagine: 987