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copertina di Sex and Gender Aspects in Clinical Medicine

Sex and Gender Aspects in Clinical Medicine

di Oertelt Prigione - Regitz Zagrosek  • 2011  • dettagli prodotto

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Prior to 2000, gender medicine was not a popular term, but in the past 10 years and analogous to the growth in the need to consider Personalised Medicine, it has become hugely important to understand that “women are not small men”. There is no more doubt that clinical manifestations of prevalent diseases differ in women and men and this is at least partially due to sex differences in pathophysiology. While the majority of diagnostic and therapeutic strategies were aimed at males 30 years ago, endocrine and reproductive systems were the logical areas for the observation of the effects of gender on medicine. It has been know for some time that women and men also differ in diseases such as diabetes and various cardiovascular syndromes, which has pushed research in these directions. Nevertheless, it is still a challenge to define gender medicine clearly, since it is characterized by an unbiased comparison between women and men and the inclusion of gender as a sociocultural process into medical hypotheses. It includes the recognition of biological differences among women and men, i.e. sex differences, but goes well beyond this.


ISBN: 9780857298317

Titolo: Sex and Gender Aspects in Clinical Medicine


Editore: Springer Verlag

Volume: Unico

Edizione: 2011

Lingua: Inglese

Pagine: 178