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copertina di Therapeutic Resistance to Anti - Hormonal Drugs in Breast Cancer : New Molecular ...

Therapeutic Resistance to Anti - Hormonal Drugs in Breast Cancer : New Molecular Aspects and Their Potential as Targets

di Hiscox - Gee - Nicholson  • 2009  • dettagli prodotto

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One of the main causes of failure in the treatment of breast cancer is the intrinsic presence of, or development of, drug resistance by the cancer cells. Recent studies on the mechanisms of cancer drug resistance have yielded important information highlighting both how tumour cells may escape these therapeutic constraints and that drug resistance may further impinge on tumour cell functions that may ultimately promote an adverse cell phenotype. New targets have been identified with potential therapeutic applications in resistant breast cancer leading to the subsequent evaluation of inhibitors of these targets in preclinical studies. Importantly, there is increasing evidence from such studies demonstrating the benefit of novel combination strategies as potential avenues for future drug regimens. Written by experts in the subject area, this book covers the molecular details and functional consequences of endocrine resistance in breast cancer with particular emphasis on the future applications of novel drug combinations that may be utilized to circumvent resistance and improve anti-tumour effects. This book represents a timely publication in the field of breast cancer research, providing current knowledge in the area of drug resistance and will be important reading material for clinicians and researchers alike.Table of contents Part 1: OVERVIEW. 1.1 Endocrine resistance in clinical breast cancer; John F Robertson. 1.2 Endocrine resistance in experimental breast cancer; Robert I Nicholson. Part 2: NEW THEMES IN ENDOCRINE RESISTANCE. 2.1 Co-activators / co-repressors and endocrine resistance; Simak Ali. 2.2 Antihormone-induced gene changes: consequences for the development of drug-resistance; Julia Gee. 2.3 Altered signal transduction pathways: impact on ER signalling and expression; Dorraya El-Ashry. 2.4 Epigenetic alterations in DNA methylation in breast cancer; Martin Widschwendter and Heidi Fiegl. 2.5 Antihormone-induced tumour progression; Stephen Hiscox. 2.6 Influence of the tumour microenvironment; Rosemary Walker.2.7 Stem cells; Rob Clarke. Part 3: NEW ADVANCES AND INNOVATIVE THERAPEUTIC APPROACHES. 3.1 DNA profiling; Dennis Slamon. 3.2 Synthetic lethal approaches to target gene discovery; Alan Ashworth. 3.3 Intelligent combination therapies; Stephen Johnston. 3.4 Novel targeting approaches; Paul Workman. 3.5 Future treatment of endocrine-resistant breast cancer: how basic science can guide clinical development; Elizabeth Anderson.


ISBN: 1402085257

Titolo: Therapeutic Resistance to Anti - Hormonal Drugs in Breast Cancer : New Molecular Aspects and Their Potential as Targets


Editore: Springer Verlag

Volume: Unico

Edizione: 2009

Lingua: Inglese

Finitura: Copertina rigida

Pagine: 204