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copertina di Evidence - based Nephrology

Evidence - based Nephrology

di Molony - Craig  • 2008  • dettagli prodotto

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PART 1 GENERAL CONCEPTS. 1.1 Sythesized evidence: guidelines and systematic reviews. 1.2 Primary Studies. 1.3 Applying the evidence to individual patient care. PART 2 EPIDEMIOLOGY OF KIDNEY DISEASE AND EVIDENCE-BASED MEDICINE. 2.1 Epidemiology of chronic kidney disease. 2.2 Chronic disease surveillance and chronic kidney disease: information for evidence-based practice. 2.3 Risk factors for occurrence and progression chronic kidney disease. 2.4 High risk populations and screening for CKD. 2.5 Prediction of risk and prognosis: decision support for diagnosis and management of CKD. PART 3 ACUTE KIDNEY INJURY. 3.1 Definition, classification and epidemiology of AKI. 3.2 Pre-renal and obstructive disease. 3.3 Hepatorenal syndrome. 3.4 Acute tubular necrosis. 3.5 Radiocontrast nephropathy. 3.6 Miscellaneous etiologies of AKI. 3.7 Non-dialytic management of AKI. 3.8 Renal replacement therapy in AKI. PART 4 PRIMARY GLOMERULONEPHRITIS. 4.1 Diagnosis and classification. 4.2 Adult minimal change disease and focal and segmental glomerulosclerosis. 4.3 Membranous nephropathy. 4.4 IgA nephropathy (adult aspects). 4.5 IgA nephropathy (pediatric aspects). 4.6 Membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis (MPGN). PART 5 SECONDARY DISEASE OF THE KIDNEY. 5.1 Hypertensive renal disease. 5.2 Diabetes mellitus. 5.3 Lupus nephritis. 5.4 Infectious-related nephropathies. 5.5 Toxic nephropathies. 5.6 Pregnancy and renal disease. PART 6 CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE - CHRONIC RENAL FAILURE. 6.1 Progression of chronic kidney disease. 6.2 Anemia in chronic kidney disease. 6.3 Dyslipidemia: in chronic kidney disease. 6.4 Hypertension in chronic kidney disease. 6.5 Metabolic Bone Disease in chronic kidney disease. 6.6 Preparation for dialysis. PART 7 CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE STAGE 5 - HEMODIALYSIS. 7.1 When to start dialysis and whether the first treatment should be an extracorporeal therapy or peritoneal diagnosis. 7.2 Modalities of extracorporeal therapy - hemodialysis, hemofiltration and hemodiafiltration. 7.3 Dialysis delivery (in particular adequacy of delivery). 7.4 Aspects of general management of the hemodialysis patient, including nutrition and lipids (excluding anaemia). 7.5 Infections in hemodialysis. 7.6 Access in hemodialysis. PART 8 CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE STAGE 5 - PERITONEAL DIALYSIS. 8.1 Selection of PD as renal replacement therapy. 8.2 Small solute clearances in PD. 8.3 Salt and water balance in PD. 8.4 PD solutions. 8.5 PD-related infections. 8.6 Diagnosis and management of other PD complications. PART 9 TRANSPLANT. 9.1 Evaluation and selection of the kidney transplant candidate. 9.2 Evaluation and selection of the kidney transplant donor. 9.3 Predictors of transplant outcomes. 9.4 Induction therapy, delayed graft function and treatment of rejection. 9.5 Maintenance immunosuppression therapy. 9.6 Chronic allograft nephropathy. PART 10 DISORDERS OF ELECTROLYTES (ACUTE AND CHRONIC). 10.1 Overview. 10.2 Hyponatremia. 10.3 Hypokalemia management. 10.4 Diagnosis and treatment of renal stones. PART 11 PEDIATRICS. 11.1 themes across renal disease and renal failure. 11.2 Management of renal failure/transplants. 11.3 Specific pediatric renal disease. 14051404533ENIntroduction. Part I: Guidance. Part II: Text. Part III: Text and Performance. Part IV: Contexts (Institutional, Cultural, Historical). Part V: And in Conclusion ...


ISBN: 9781405139755

Titolo: Evidence - based Nephrology


Editore: Wiley

Volume: Unico

Edizione: 2008

Lingua: Inglese

Finitura: Copertina rigida

Pagine: 600