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copertina di ABC of Colorectal Cancer

ABC of Colorectal Cancer

di Young - Hobbs - Kerr  • 2011  • dettagli prodotto

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A practical guide to the diagnosis and treatment of colorectal cancer for the non-specialist, this fully updated new edition includes new drug treatments, as well as covering the new UK screening program and guidelines. The book covers core knowledge on therapy, management, and supportive care interventions, and highlights the evidence base. Patient and carer experience is cited throughout the book; the table of contents maps the 'real life' treatment pathway. Supportive care interventions are also included. The book is highly illustrated in color, with updated images.Preface. 1 The Patient Perspective (Kevin Bond). 2 Epidemiology and Prevention (Peter Boyle, Patrick Mullie, Maria Paula Curado and David Zaridze). 3 Pathways of Carcinogenesis (Michael Christie and Oliver Sieber). 4 Clinical Genetics in The Management of Colon Cancer (Kai Ren Ong, HV Sleightholme and Trevor Cole). 5 Screening for Colorectal Cancer (Julietta Patnick and Wendy S Atkin). 6 Decision Support Networks (Matthew Kelly, Mark Austin and Sir Michael Brady). 7 Pathology of Colorectal Cancer (Mohammad Ilyas). 8 Imaging of Colorectal Cancer (Andrew Slater). 9 The Role of Primary Care (Susan Wilson and Richard Hobbs). 10 Radiotherapy for Rectal Cancer (Andrew Weaver). 11 Surgical Interventions (Shazad Ashraf and Neil Mortensen). 12 Adjuvant Therapy (Zenia Saridaki-Zoras and David Kerr). 13 Advanced Disease Treatment (David Watkins and David Cunningham). 14 Innovative Treatment for Colorectal Cancer (Joanne L. Brady and David Kerr). 15 Supportive Care for Patients with Colorectal Cancer (Pauline McCulloch and Annie Young). 16 Follow-up (John Primrose). Index.


ISBN: 1405177632

Titolo: ABC of Colorectal Cancer


Editore: Wiley

Volume: Unico

Edizione: II 2011

Lingua: Inglese

Finitura: Copertina flessibile

Pagine: 88