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copertina di When Doctors Kill - Who, Why, and How

When Doctors Kill - Who, Why, and How

di Perper  • 2010  • dettagli prodotto

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Some readers may be shocked by the title of this book, and some may wonder if it is necessary to raise the uncomfortable issue of killing by doctors. Killing is clearly antithetical to the Art and Science of Medicine, which is geared toward easing pain and saving lives rather than smothering them. Nevertheless, doctors are people too. Physicians have the same genetic library of enabling qualities and defects as the rest of us, but their vocation places them in a position where both good practice and bad practice can be exercised. The book begins by presenting the background against which medicine came into being and the forces that molded the social, psychological and professional profile of healers. It continues with profiles of infamous serial killer physicians throughout the world; some "practiced" over a hundred years ago, others in recent decades. There is a discussion of mass murdering physicians who chose dictatorship or terrorism over healing. Not-so-mad, but highly sadistic physician/ scientists will also be under their microscope. There is a discussion of high-profile cases, and the authors raise the specter of the first genetic homicide - murder by means of chromosomal manipulation. They also the authors also share their thoughts on some of the ethical issues facing physicians today and examine the gray areas between Medicine and Law. The book concludes with a look at current fashions and trends in medicine. Complementary medicine and alternative therapies may have brought relief to many patients, but they have also resulted in disability, suffering, and death. Through the review of a few high profile, drug-related fatalities, the celebrity-physician relationship will be explored. Finally, the authors examine how the doctor is portrayed in fiction and why medical professionals are featured so prominently on television. Dr. Perper and Dr. Cina have a combined medical experience spanning 60 years. As forensic pathologists, they witness death daily and have investigated hundreds of murders. They accept that most doctors are a force for good, but their book contains accounts of horrible atrocities and features descriptions of graphic murders committed by healers. By shining a cold light on the risks patients face today given the wide array of treatment options, the authors aim to accurately relay the circumstances of when, how, and why doctors


ISBN: 9781441913685

Titolo: When Doctors Kill - Who, Why, and How


Editore: Springer Verlag

Volume: Unico

Edizione: 2010

Lingua: Inglese

Finitura: Copertina flessibile

Pagine: 320