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copertina di Behçet' s Syndrome

Behçet' s Syndrome

di Yazici - Yazici  • 2010  • dettagli prodotto

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Behçet’s Syndrome has seen great strides over the last 2 decades in the availability of new treatments and the understanding of underlying pathogenesis. Only 30 years ago the majority of particularly young men with Behçet’s lost total eye sight, now only a minority do. This book covers the most recent developments in the basic and clinical aspects of Behçet’s Syndrome. International authorities have collaborated to offer their diverse expert knowledge on the multiple affected organs and systems, including the skin, the eye, the brain, the lungs and not the least the gastrointestinal and the locomotor systems. A special chapter is devoted to juvenile disease. The definitive resource on Behçet’s Syndrome, this book is well suited for rheumatologists, dermatologists, ophthal¬mologists, neurologists, and health professionals caring for Behçet’s patients.Table of contentstableOfContents1- Introduction: Dedicated Mondays and an acquaintance based view of Behçet’s Hasan Yazici2- History and diagnosisColin G. Barnes3- Epidemiology of Behçet’s Syndrome (BS) and Regional Differences in Disease Expression Sebahattin Yurdakul and Yusuf Yazici4- The mucocutaneous manifestations and pathergy reaction in Behçet's diseaseM. Cem Mat, Dongsik Bang, and Melike Melikoglu5- Eye disease in Behcet's Syndrome Yilmaz Ozyazgan and Bahram Bodaghi6- Behcet's Syndrome and The Nervous SystemAksel Siva and Shunsei Hirohata7- Vascular disease in Behcet's SyndromeVedat Hamuryudan and Melike Melikoglu8- Endothelial Dysfunction and Atherosclerosis in Behçet’s SyndromeEmire Seyahi, MD, Izzet Fresko MD, and Hasan Yazici9- Locomotor System Disease in Behcet's SyndromeSebahattin Yurdakul and Gulen Hatemi10- Behçet’s Disease: Gastrointestinal InvolvementJae Hee Cheon and Aykut Ferhat Celik11- Miscellaneous Manifestations of Behcet's diseaseKenneth T. Calamia and Izzet Fresko12- Juvenile Behçet’s SyndromeEmire Seyahi and Huri Ozdogan13- Behcet's Disease: PathologyCuyan Demirkesen, Büge Öz, and Süha Göksel14- Disease MechanismsHaner Direskeneli and Guher Saruhan-Direskeneli15- Genetics of Behçet’s DiseaseAhmet Gul and Shigeaki Ohno16- Animal Models of Behçet's diseaseEhud Baharav, Abraham Weinberger, Felix Mor, and Ilan Krause17- Prognosis in Behcet's SyndromeEmire Seyahi and Hasan Yazici18- Disease Assessment in Behcet’s Disease Gonca Mumcu, Yusuf Yazici, and M. Anne Chamberlain19- Medical Management of Behcet's SyndromeVedat Hamuryudan and Ina Kötter


ISBN: 9781441956408

Titolo: Behçet' s Syndrome


Editore: Springer Verlag

Volume: Unico

Edizione: 2010

Lingua: Inglese

Finitura: Copertina flessibile