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copertina di Hypertension - Hot Topics

Hypertension - Hot Topics

di Egan  • 2003  • dettagli prodotto

non più pubblicato

€ 34,79


This ' how-to ' manual in hypertension presents concise, practical, up-to-date information on the diagnosis and management of hypertension with emphasis on current drug therapies. Generous use of tables, charts, bulleted information, and figures make this both a timely and easily accessible volume. ContentsGeneral Evaluation of the Hypertensive Patient. 1. Initial evaluation of the hypertensive patient: Building on a solid foundation 2. Blood pressure measurement: Dangers of the "casual" reading. 3. Home BP monitoring: How to interpret and what to do with the numbers. 4. Urine microalbumin: For diabetics only? 5. Vascular profiling: Is this technology useful in primary care?Target organ evaluation in the Hypertensive Patient 6. Cardiac systolic and diastolic function. Evaluation and prognostication. 7. Cardiac ischemia: Selection and interpretation of various diagnostic tests. 8. Renal functional assessment in hypertension: From start to finish. 9. Renal and abdominal vascular abnormalities in hypertension. 10. Carotid and peripheral vascular disease: From head to foot.Screening and diagnosis of selected secondary causes of hypertension 11. Genetic causes of hypertension: The future is (almost) here. 12. Sleep apnea: The not so silent epidemic. 13. Primary aldosteronism: More common than commonly thought? 14. Polycystic ovarian disease: Diagnosis and management. 15. Neurovascular compression: Pathophysiology, Diagnosis, & Management.Management of Hypertension: Goals and objectives 16. Treating to goal: Why is it important? 17. High normal blood pressure: The next frontier. 18. Patient-related barriers to hypertension control: A primer for providers. 19. Maximizing BP control & patient adherence: Impact of the provider. 20. Medication cost and non-adherence: A practical perspective. 21. Cultural competence: What is it and where do you get (more of) it?Lifestyle approaches: What a TRIP (Translating research into practice)! 22. The DASH Diet: Utility and application in primary care. 23. Dietary cations and hypertension: From clinical trials to the individual patient. 24. Nutraceuticals, dietary supplements, and cardiovascular risk: Just the facts. 25. Impact of depression in patients with cardiovascular risk: Sad facts and clinical implications. 26. Obesity management: Multi-dimensional programs that work. 27. Exercise: Get your patient going in 3 minutes or less. 28. Behavioral approaches to BP reduction: Only for the stressed out?Medical therapy: Evidence-based approach to the important practical issues. 29. Evidence-based approach to selecting initial therapy: Transforming art into science. 30. What to do when the first prescription isn"t enough. Step or switch? 31. Combination therapy: A better place to start or step? 32. The metabolic syndrome: Cluster buster strategies for the busy provider. 33. The diabetic hypertensive: Why 130/80 and how to get there? 34. Isolated systolic hypertension: Getting to goal. 35. Management of refractory and resistant hypertension: What to do and when and where to refer.Medical therapy: Meeting most management challenges. 36. Hypertension and CHF. Too many options? What to use and when. 37. Hypertension and ischemic heart disease. More than meets the eye. 38. Management of the hypertensive patient with chronic renal disease: What to do and when to refer. 39. Supine hypertension with orthostatic hypotension: Horns of a dilemma. 40. Therapeutic approaches to renovascular hypertension 41. Management of transplant hypertension. For specialists only? 42. Management of the hypertensive patient with sexual dysfunction. 43. Managing the diabetic hypertensive: Why <130/80 and how to get there? 44. Novel cardiovascular risk factors and their utility in clinical practice. 45. Hypertensive urgencies and emergencies. Doing more good than harm.Update on hypertension and CVD prevention in special populations. 46. Hypertension in pregnancy: Protecting the mother and the fetus. 47. Preventing CVD in women: Are there any gender-related differences with therapeutic implications? 48. Hypertension in African Americans: The not so silent killer. 49. Hypertension in adolescents: When to look for secondary causes and when and how to treat. 50. Hypertension in the surgical patient. Peri-operative BP management.Pharmacotherapeutic considerations: Maximizing opportunities and minimizing threats. 51. Use of aspirin and other NSAIDs in hypertensive patients. The good, the bad, and the ugly. 52. Amiloride-sensitive hypertension: From genetic polymorphisms to therapeutic response. 53. Adverse drug reactions, interactions, and effects in patients with hypertension: Avoiding some slippery slopes. 54. Pharmacogenomics: Present and future potential.


ISBN: 1560535784

Titolo: Hypertension - Hot Topics


Editore: Elsevier - Hanley And Belfus

Volume: Unico

Edizione: 2003

Lingua: Inglese

Finitura: Copertina flessibile

Misure: 13x21 cm

Pagine: 250