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copertina di Handbook of Community Cancer Care

Handbook of Community Cancer Care

di Gaze - Wilson  • 2003  • dettagli prodotto

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An authoritative handbook covering the management of all types of cancer, with an emphasis on those aspects of care of the cancer patient which are of particular interest in the community, for example the presentation of cancer and palliative care. The specialist management of different types of cancer is covered.Table of Contents Part I. General Introduction: 1. What causes cancer - aetiology2. Healthy lifestyle and the avoidance of cancer3. Patterns of cancer occurrence - epidemiology4. Cancer in families - geneticsPart II. Diagnosis and Assessment of Cancer: 5. Presentation of symptomatic cancer6. Screening for cancer7. The tissue diagnosis8. Staging of cancerPart III. Treatment of Cancer: 9. The cancer team and shared care10. The treatment of cancer, radical or palliative?11. Surgery in the treatment of cancer12. Radiotherapy in the treatment of cancer13. Chemotherapy in the treatment of cancer14. Other medical treatments of cancer15. Paramedical disciplines in cancer care16. Complementary and alternative therapies for cancer17. Supportive care18. Assessment of new treatments - clinical trials19. Late effects of cancer treatment - the cost of curePart IV. Management of Individual Cancers: 20. Breast cancer21. Bowel cancer22. Lung cancer23. Stomach cancer24. Oesophageal cancer25. Pancreatic cancer26. Cancer of the larynx and pharynx27. Cancer of the lip and mouth28. Sailvary gland cancer29. Thyroid cancer30. Other head and neck cancers31. Cervical carcinoma32. Ovarian carcinoma33. Other gynaecological malignancy34. Skin cancer and melanoma35. Prostate cancer36. Bladder cancer37. Kidney cancer38. Testicular tumours39. Brain tumours40. Leukaemia41. The lymphomas42. Aids related cancer43. Bone sarcomas44. Soft tissue sarcomas45. A miscellany of rare tumoursPart V. Cancer at Different Ages: 46. Cancer in children47. Cancer in adolescents48. Cancer in the elderly: Part VI. Palliative Care, Death and Bereavement: 49. Looking after patients with metastatic disease50. Management of specific symptoms51. Managing intercurrent illness in the patient with cancer52. Domicillary terminal care53. Hospice care54. The dying child55. Death at home56. Managing bereavementPart VII. Further Information: 57. Patient support organisations and cancer relief charities58. Guide to tumour specific groups and organisations59. The cancer research charities60. Guide to further reading


ISBN: 1841100013

Titolo: Handbook of Community Cancer Care


Editore: Cambridge University Press

Volume: Unico

Edizione: I 2003

Lingua: Inglese

Finitura: Copertina flessibile

Misure: 18x24 cm

Pagine: 316

Peso: 0.7 kg