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copertina di Surgery MCQs and EMQs

Surgery MCQs and EMQs

di Parks - Diamond  • 2003  • dettagli prodotto

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Surgery MCQs and Vivas is designed as a companion to Fundamentals of Surgical Practice, by Aljafri Majid and Andrew Kingsnorth, and is split into two main sections; multiple choice questions and viva topics, reflecting the structure of two of the key components of many postgraduate surgical examinations worldwide.Table of Contents PrefaceList of abbreviationsPart I. Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs): 1. Preoperative management - questions2. Principles of anaesthesia - questions3. Postoperative management - questions4. Nutritional support - questions5. Surgical sepsis: prevention and therapy - questions6. Surgical techniques and technology - questions7. Trauma: general principles of management - questions8. Intensive care - questions9. Principles of cancer management - questions10. Ethics, legal aspects and assessment of effectiveness - questions11. Haemopoietic and lymphoreticular systems - questions12. Alimentary system - questions13. Vascular surgery - questions14. Endocrine surgery - questions15. Breast - questions16. Thoracic surgery - questions17. Genitourinary system - questions18. Head and neck - questions19. Central nervous system - questions20. Musculoskeletal system - questions21. Paediatric surgery - questions22. Preoperative management - answers23. Principles of anaesthesia - answers24. Postoperative management - answers25. Nutritional support - answers26. Surgical sepsis: prevention and therapy - answers27. Surgical techniques and technology - answers28. Trauma: general principles of management - answers29. Intensive care - answers30. Principles of cancer management - answers31. Ethics, legal aspects and assessment of effectiveness - answers32. Haemopoietic and lymphoreticular systems - answers33. Alimentary system - answers34. Vascular surgery - answers35. Endocrine surgery - answers36. Breast - answers37. Thoracic surgery - answers38. Genitourinary system - answers39. Head and neck - answers40. Central nervous system - answers41. Musculoskeletal system - answers42. Paediatric surgery - answersPart II. Extended Matching Questions (EMQs): 43. Classification of fitness for surgery44. Preoperative prophylactic measures45. Discontinuation of drug treatment prior to surgery46. Appropriate anaesthetic techniques47. Blood transfusion48. Anaesthesia/analgesia49. Classification of surgical wounds50. Wound closure51. Head injury52. Sepsis53. Clinical research54. Auto-immune disease55. Intestinal obstruction56. Investigations57. Perianal conditions58. Causes of chronic arterial disease59. Acute arterial disease60. Management of vascular disease61. Breast disease62. Management of chest trauma63. Chest x-ray findings64. Scrotal swellings65. Treatment of scrotal swellings66. Presentation of urological pathology67. Head and neck swelling68. Depressed level of consciousness69. Fracture complications70. Neonatal and childhood intestinal obstruction71. Paesiatric emergencies


ISBN: 1841101869

Titolo: Surgery MCQs and EMQs


Editore: Cambridge University Press

Volume: Unico

Edizione: I 2003

Lingua: Inglese

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