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copertina di Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery

Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery

di Drutz - Herschorn - Diamant  • 2006  • dettagli prodotto

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" Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery " is a high level text covering recent advances in the field. It includes anatomy, normal and abnormal physiology, investigation techniques, inflammatory conditions and treatment options.The international panel of contributors is at the leading edge of research in the field and the editors have brought together these contributors and topics which span the entire range of pelvic floor disorders in women. Emphasis is placed on evidence-based medicine and this book serves to encourage all physicians and health care providers for women with pelvic floor problems to work collaboratively and collegially. The resulting comprehensive overview will prove indispensable for urology and gynecology specialists worldwide.Table of contents From the contents: I. Introduction.- II. Anatomy, Physiology, Neurophysiology: Pelvic Floor. Lower Urinary Tract, Anorectum. Anomalies. Female Pelvic Support. Pregnancy, Childbirth.- III. Investigations: Urodynamics. Videourodynamic Studies. Ultrasound. MRI Studies. Neurophysiologic Testing. Cystoscopy, Urethroscopy.- IV. Inflammatory Conditions, Painful Bladder, Pelvic Syndromes, Common Bowel Problems: Urinary Tract Infections. Urethral Syndrome. Interstitial Cystitis. Vulvodynia, Vestibulitis. Urogenital Atrophy.- V. Conservative Treatment: Pharmacologic Approach. Behavioural Management. Biofeedback, Functional Electrical Stimulation. Supportive Devices. Sacral Nerves Neurostimulation.- VI. Surgical Approaches to Incontinence: Colporrhapy. Buttress Procedures. Endoscopic Suspensions. Retropubic Urethropexies. Slings. Artificial Sphincters. Minimal Access Surgery. Bulking Agents.- VII. Surgery: Sacrospinous Vault Suspension, Colposacropexy.- VIII. Fistulae, Operative Trauma, Postoperative Problems.


ISBN: 1846282373

Titolo: Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery


Editore: Springer Verlag

Volume: Unico

Edizione: 2006

Lingua: Inglese

Finitura: Copertina flessibile

Pagine: 536