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copertina di Essentials of Chinese Medicine

Essentials of Chinese Medicine

di Liu  • 2009  • dettagli prodotto

non più pubblicato

€ 373,36


The modern medical model is gradually shifting from one of biomedicine to one that integrates practices from the physiological, psychological, sociological and medical fields. This growing recognition that people, the environment, ecological conditions and society are all aspects of a united whole has given rise to an emergence of alternative medicine and therapies, many of which are borrowed from traditional Chinese medicine.Essentials of Chinese Medicine systematically introduces the basic theories, diagnostic methods, therapeutic practices, and the principles of health preservation and rehabilitation of the Chinese medical tradition. The basic theories and methods of acupuncture and moxibustion are explained, and a range of Chinese herbs are illustrated. The textbooks also introduces 84 Chinese herbal formulas and 6 associated formulas commonly used in clinical practice. Furthermore, it elucidates treatments of commonly and frequently encountered diseases in internal medicine, surgery, gynecology, pediatrics, ophthalmology and otorhinolaryngology.Table of contents Volume 1: Foundations of Chinese Medicine.- Part I: Basic Theories of Chinese Medicine.- Formation of the Chinese Medicine Theoretical System and Its Philosophical Basis.- Chinese Medicine Methodology.- Structure and Functions of the Human Body.- Basic Substances of Vital Activities.- Etiology in Chinese Medicine.- Pathology in Chinese Medicine.- Part II: Diagnosis of Chinese Medicine.- Approach to Chinese Medical Diagnosis.- Diagnostic Methods.- Differential Diagnosis.- Therapeutics.- Health Preservation.- Volume 2: Clinical Fundamentals in Chinese Medicine.- Part I: Meridians and Acupuncture.- Meridians: General Introduction.- Overview of Acupoints.- Descriptions of Specific Acupoints.- Techniques of Acupuncture and Moxibustion.- Principles of Acupuncture Therapeutics.- Part II: Chinese Materia Medic.- Basic Theories of Chinese Materia Medic.- Commonly Used Herbs.- Part III: Chinese Medicinal Formulas.- Basic Principles of Herbal Formulation.- Commonly Used CM Herbal Formulas.- Volume 3: Essentials of Clinical Specialties in Chinese Medicine.- Part I: Common Internal Medicine Disorders.- Wind-Injury.- Cough.- Wheezing.- Asthma.- Palpitations of Heart.- Angina Pectoris.- Insomnia.- Depression.- Stomachache.- Vomiting.- Diarrhea.- Abdominal Pain.- Dysentery.- Constipation.- Stroke.- Vertigo.- Subcostal Pain.- Jaundice.- Edema.- Dysuria.- Impotence.- Lumbago.- Headache.- Rheumatism.- Flaccidity.- Diaphoresis.- Diabetes.- Abdominal Masses and Obstruction.- Part II: Common Gynecological Disorders.- Abnormal Menstruation.- Dysmenorrhea.- Amenorrhea.- Anovulatory Functional Uterine Bleeding.- Vaginal Discharge.- Chronic Pelvic Inflammation.- Infertility.- Threatened and Spontaneous Abortion.- Menopause.- Part III: Common Pediatric Illnesses.- Anorexia.- Infantile Cough.- Enuresis.- Diarrhea.- Acute Convulsion.- Part IV: Common Dermatological Conditions.- Eczema.- Urticaria.- Acne Vulgaris.- Contact Dermatitis.- Neurodermatitis.- Cutaneous Pruritus.- Alopecia.- Folliculitis.- Facial Boils.- Carbuncle.- Erysipelas.- Shingles.- Urinary Stones.- Hemorrhoid.- Acute Lumbar Sprain.- Tennis Elbow.- Part V: Common Disorders of the Sensory Organs.- Acute Conjunctivitis.- Sudden Deafness.- Acute Naso-Sinusitis.- Chronic Naso-Sinusitis.- Allergic Rhinitis.- Recurrent Ulcerative Stomatitis.- Acute Tonsillitis.- Part VI: Emergency Conditions.- Syncope.- Shock.- Seizure.- High Fever.- Appendices


ISBN: 1848821115

Titolo: Essentials of Chinese Medicine


Editore: Springer Verlag

Volume: Opera in tre volumi

Edizione: 2009

Lingua: Inglese

Finitura: Copertina rigida

Pagine: 960