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copertina di Textbook - Atlas of intestinal infections in AIDS

Textbook - Atlas of intestinal infections in AIDS

di Dionisio  • 2003  • dettagli prodotto

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This book represents an international collaborative work focused on the current challenges of AIDS-related intestinal infections in the worldwide scenario. The unique problems of developing countries, the epidemiological and immunological aspects, the risks for immunodeficient travellers and the reservoirs and ways of transmission from animal to man are all equally considered, as are the diagnostic advances and the changing patterns of prophylaxis and treatment. Moreover, the etiological and clinical aspects and the histologic and electron microscopic features of biopsy samples are reported. Furthermore, notes on intestinal parasitoses in the past centuries with emphasis on disadvantaged people, and worldwide trends and perspectives are also included as a link between the past and the future. This volume is expected to fill a gap in the medical literature, provide the latest information on therapeutic advances, provide an exhaustive series of light and electron microscopy micrographs and illustrations, contribute to the educational programs in developing countries, and gain international approval as a reference book for problems arising in clinical and laboratory practice, and as a text book for medical and graduate students.Table of contents INTESTINAL PARASITOSES IN THE PAST CENTURIES WITH EMPHASIS TO SOCIALLY DISADVANTAGED PEOPLE: AN HISTORICAL LINK?- NATURAL HISTORY OF HIV INFECTION.- IMMUNOPATHOGENESIS OF AIDS.- ADVANCES IN KNOWLEDGE OF THE HIV-RELATED IMPAIRMENT OF MUCOSAL IMMUNITY.- EFFECT OF HIV INFECTION ON GASTROINTESTINAL FUNCTION.- FROM ANIMAL TO MAN (RESERVOIRS AND WAYS OF TRANSMISSION): 1) CRYPTOSPORIDIOSIS, MICROSPORIDIOSIS, ISOSPORIASIS, CYCLOSPORIASIS, LEISHMANIASIS, PNEUMOCYSTOSIS, TOXOPLASMOSIS. 2) MYCOBACTERIUM TUBERCULOSIS, M. AVIUM COMPLEX, AND OTHER MYCOBACTERIOSES: DRUG RESISTANCE, PHENOTYPIC AND GENOTYPIC MARKERS, AND THE MOLECULAR BASIS OF PATHOGENESIS.- WORLDWIDE EPIDEMIOLOGY AND RISKS FOR IMMUNODEFICIENT TRAVELLERS.- ORAL INFECTIONS.- GUT INFECTIONS: ETIOPATHOGENETIC AND CLINICAL REMARKS.- HISTOLOGICAL AND ULTRASTRUCTURAL PATHOLOGY.- SONOGRAPHIC EVIDENCES.- RADIOGRAPHIC EVIDENCES.- LABORATORY DIAGNOSIS AND MICROBIOLOGY: 1) BACTERIA. 2) MYCOBACTERIA. 3) MICROSPORIDIA. 4) CRYPTOSPORIDIUM, AMOEBAE, GIARDIA, LEISHMANIA, TOXOPLASMA, BLASTOCYSTIS.m 5) ISOSPORA BELLI AND EIMERIA (CYCLOSPORA) CAYETANENSIS. 6) FUNGI. 7) STRONGYLOIDES STERCORALIS. 8) HERPESVIRUSES. 9) ENTERIC VIRUSES. 10) LATEST ADVANCES AND TRENDS IN PCR-BASED DIAGNOSTIC METHODS.- CHANGING PATTERNS OF PROPHYLAXIS AND TREATMENT: 1) BACTERIA AND VIRUSES. 2) PARASITES AND FUNGI. - EPIDEMIOLOGY AND COMPREHENSIVE MANAGEMENT OF HIV-RELATED DIARRHEA IN AFRICA: WHAT STRATEGIES FOR AN ENORMOUS CHALLENGE?- UNIQUE PROBLEMS IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES OTHER THAN AFRICA.- FUTURE TRENDS AND PERSPECTIVES IN THE WORLDWIDE SCENARIO.


ISBN: 8847001749

Titolo: Textbook - Atlas of intestinal infections in AIDS


Editore: Springer - Italia

Volume: Unico

Edizione: 2003

Lingua: Inglese

Finitura: Copertina rigida

Pagine: 450