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copertina di News in phlebology ( testo in lingua inglese )

News in phlebology ( testo in lingua inglese )

di Allegra - Antignani - Kalodiki  • 2013  • dettagli prodotto

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Many pathophysiology, anatomical, diagnosis and therapy principles have deeply improved in the past decades. For many years the vascular surgeons preferred to dedicate to the arterial pathologies rather than to the venous diseases, regarded as trivial. But, the new technologies such as the ultrasound Doppler, laser, radiofrequency, foam sclerotherapy, the better quality of the elastic stockings and bandages associated to a reduction of invasive surgical procedures, increased the interest in the phlebology field.Recently published papers showed a high incidence of the venous pathology as well as a great social economic burden. These findings also contributed to influence doctors’ decisions and interest into phlebology.This book aims to present the new findings on the venous diseases. It includes chapters on new anatomical and physiological findings, along with new challenges of microcirculation and the genesis of the disease. It also describes new diagnosis and treatment methods which range from the traditional to the most modern ones. Finally, the great venous complex syndromes and coagulation disorders, such as thromboembolism, have beeb here discussed. Therefore, this is an indispensable reference book useful to fellows and specialists in angiology, phlebology, vascular and general surgery, cardiology, aesthetics and plastic surgery.ContentsGENERAL CONCEPTS Clinical embryology of the venous bed of the lower limbs Anatomy of the venous system of the lower limb Physiology of the venous system of the lower limbs Venous endothelium, endothelial inflammation and dysfunction CHRONIC VENOUS DISEASE Terminology, classifications and severity scoring The CEAP classification and its evolution The role of scores in the management of chronic venous disease The magnitude of the problem Socioeconomic aspects Etiopathogenesis Patients with chronic venous disease-related symptoms without signs: prevalence and hypotheses on pathophysiology Non-invasive diagnosis Drug therapy Medical compression therapy in 2013: what’s new? Is there still space for open surgery? Endovascular treatment procedure Ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy Varicose veins of the lower limbs: a comparison of endoluminal techniques “the choice” Quality of life Prevention VENOUS-LYMPHATIC VASCULAR MALFORMATIONS Classification Clinical conditions Non-invasive diagnostic in malformations Invasive diagnostics Medical therapy Surgical treatment VENOUS THROMBOSISDefinition Pathophysiology Effective thrombosis prophylaxis using individual risk assessment Particular aspects of venous thromboembolism and cancer Thrombophilia Non-invasive evaluation Pharmacologic treatment Compression therapy Surgical treatment Quality of life and venous disease Primary and secondary venous thromboembolism prevention Treatment of asymptomatic patients with thrombophilia POST-THROMBOTIC SYNDROME Pathophysiology Clinics Non-invasive diagnosis Recent advances in the management of post-thrombotic syndrome. Are drugs indicated and efficient? Compression therapy Physical therapy Surgical therapy VENOUS ULCERS Definitions and differential diagnosis News in inflammatory and microcirculatory mechanisms Medical therapy Surgical therapy Dressings of venous ulcers SPECIAL SESSION Invasive diagnostic imaging Pelvic reflux varicose veins A novel plethysmographic method for assessment of cerebral venous drainage Percutaneous treatment of deep vein thrombosis The treatment of varicocele and pelvic congestion syndrome


ISBN: 9788877117786

Titolo: News in phlebology ( testo in lingua inglese )


Editore: Minerva Medica

Volume: Unico

Edizione: 2013

Lingua: Italiano

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