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copertina di Radiation Protection in Medical Physics

Radiation Protection in Medical Physics

di Lemoigne - Caner  • 2011  • dettagli prodotto

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This book introduces the fundamental aspects of Radiation Protection in Medical Physics and covers three main themes: General Radiation Protection Principles; Radiobiology Principles; Radiation Protection in Hospital Medical Physics. Each of these topics is developed by analysing the underlying physics principles and their implementation, quality and safety aspects, clinical performance and recent advances in the field. Some issues specific to the individual techniques are also treated, e.g. calculation of patient dose as well as that of workers in hospital, optimisation of equipment used, shielding design of radiation facilities, radiation in oncology such as use of brachytherapy in gynecology or interventional procedures. All topics are presented with didactical language and style, making this book an appropriate reference for students and professionals seeking a comprehensive introduction to the field as well as a reliable overview of the most recent developments.Table of contents Preface. List of Participants. Photographs. General Radiation Protection Principles. Internal Safety Standards; M. Rehani.- Radiation Units, Limits & Dose Constraints; M. Rehani.- Radiobiology Principles. Molecular Aspects of Radiation Biology; P.Pechke & G. Hartmann.- Radiobiology in Radiotherapy; P. Kukolowicz.- Radiation Protection Application in Hospital Medical Physics. General Principles of Risk Assessment for Ionising Radiation; J. Malone and G. O’Reilly.- Radiation Protection of the Workers and the Public from Exposed Patients; J. Malone.- Installation Shielding in Diagnostic Radiology and Computed Tomography; J. Malone et al.- Acceptability Criteria, Justificartion and Ethical Issues in Using Ionising Radiation; J. Malone et al.- Dosimetry of Ionizing Radiation – In Search of an Ideal Detector; P. Kukolowicz.- Dose Assessment (for Patients); C. Lewis.- Patient Dose Assessment in Nuclear Medicine; S. Christofides.- Radiation Protection of Pregnant Women; J. Malone and G. O’Reilly.- Optimization of Dose Distribution; P. Kukolowicz.- Optimisation of Radiation Protection in Diagnostic Radiology; C. Lewis.- Installation Shielding in Cyclotron Facilities; R. Calandrino.- Shielding and Facility Design in Nuclear Medicine; R. Padovani.- Installation Shielding in Radiotherapy; R. Calandrino.- Air Contamination Control in Radiochemistry Labs; R. Calandrino.- Optimisation of Patient and Staff Exposure in Interventional Radiology; R. Padovani.- Optimization of Radioprotection in Gynecology Brachytherapy; N. Samet.- Radiation Protection Optimisation in Interventional Procedures; N. Samet and M.A. Staniszewska.- Radiation Protection Optimisation in Diagnostic Nuclear Medicine; S. Christofides.- Appendix 1: Colour Section


ISBN: 9789400702592

Titolo: Radiation Protection in Medical Physics


Editore: Springer Verlag

Volume: Unico

Edizione: 2011

Lingua: Inglese

Finitura: Copertina flessibile

Pagine: 200