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copertina di Healthcare Knowledge Management - Issues, Advances and Successes

Healthcare Knowledge Management - Issues, Advances and Successes

di Bali - Dwivedi  • 2007  • dettagli prodotto

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Successful healthcare problem solving often depends on immediate access to information. Unable to consult a library while in a clinical setting, healthcare practitioners and managers must learn to effectively manage knowledge and think on their toes. Knowledge Management (KM) is an ideal system to tap the tacit knowledge individuals hold and distribute this collective wisdom throughout a healthcare institution.Healthcare Knowledge Management: Issues, Advances, and Successes assembles a group of international contributors to explain KM and offer contemporary, clinically relevant lessons in organizational implementation. This book illustrates the effectiveness of KM by investigating real life healthcare-based systems that highlight the diversity of KM applications in the healthcare sector. Healthcare Knowledge Management is a uniquely integrative text—both a tutorial on concepts, theories, and research as well as a practical guide to managing and developing KM in the healthcare setting.
Healthcare Knowledge Management: Innovations and New Understanding.- Building New Healthcare Management Paradigms: A Case for Healthcare Knowledge Management.- Clinical Knowledge Management: A Model for Primary Care.- Role of Information Professionals as Intermediaries for Knowledge Management in Evidence-Based Healthcare.- Healthcare Knowledge Management and Information Technology: A Systems Understanding.- Medical Technology Management in Hospital Certification in Mexico.- Approaches, Frameworks, and Techniques for Healthcare Knowledge Management.- Healthcare Knowledge Sharing: Purpose, Practices, and Prospects.- Healthcare Knowledge Management: Incorporating the Tools, Technologies, Strategies, and Process of Knowledge Management to Effect Superior Healthcare Delivery.- The Hidden Power of Social Networks and Knowledge Sharing in Healthcare.- Constructing Healthcare Knowledge.- Narratives in Healthcare.- Application Service Provider Technology in the Healthcare Environment.- Secured Electronic Patient Records Content Exploitation.- Healthcare Knowledge Management Implementations: Evidence from Practice.- Knowledge Management and the National Health Service in England.- Knowledge Management and the National Health Service in Scotland.- Knowledge Management for Primary Healthcare Services.- We Haven’t Got a Plan, so What Can Go Wrong? Where is the NHS Coming from?.- Healthcare Knowledge Management: Knowledge Management in the Perinatal Care Environment.


ISBN: 9781441922120

Titolo: Healthcare Knowledge Management - Issues, Advances and Successes


Editore: Springer Verlag

Volume: Unico

Edizione: 2007

Collana: Health Informatics

Lingua: Inglese

Finitura: Copertina flessibile

Pagine: 280