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Debonding in orthodontics clinical procedures and micromorphological aspects

di Bonetti - Zanarini - Montebugnoli  • 2016  • dettagli prodotto

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From the presentation
Let’s go back to us. As Editor I always like to explain why we have chosen this title. The reasons are basically three: the first one: as a matter of fact there are only two phases in orthodontics that are really the same for all the different orthodontic techniques. They comprise the bonding and the debonding of the appliances. The rest is questionable...including the diagnose (...alas..) So we had the desire to fill this empty space in our series of books. Bonding and debonding represent two critical moments of our therapy, often underestimated and also delegated. I have no problem to admit that in my clinical practice I always perform them with great pleasure. The bonding procedure is critical: it can incorporate mistakes that, in turn, can cause longer treatment time and, maybe, can affect the health of the patient. The debonding procedure, excluding the critical action of detaching of the brackets, is basically a party for our patients after all the efforts they made...I also want to take part in it..it is like going to your friend’s graduation, with whom you have spent all the years of university. The second one: we wanted to fill a gap concerning the previous 37 volumes. All the book of this chain are edited in Bologna but we had never published a work in association with the Univerity of Bologna. We apologize for that and we are very grateful to Professor Alessandri Bonetti (I admit I had to focus to write his surname...for me he is Giulio, simply) and to Dr. Zanarini and to Dr. Montebugnoli to allow us to fill this gap. The third reason: for me it is like a dive into the past....when, in the previous century, a young resident in orthodontics (I, Alberto Caprioglio) was allowed by his Professor of that time (Prof. Giuseppe Sfondrini, that I publicly thank for all the things he has taught me..thanks Professor!!!..I owe it to you) to bring his researches concerning the techniques of thermo electrical debonding at the 68th Congress of the European Orthodontic Society, in 1992 in Venezia..that presentation made me breathe “international” air for the first time. I have never forgotten those days...and now I hope it will be easier to understand why this title is so fascinating to me. I truly believe that this monography is apt not only to neophytes, but also for the most expert orthodontists, because they will find a few, or maybe a lot of suggestions to improve their clinical practice.
To the Edizioni Martina, a renewed praise and heartfelt thanks for the inexhaustible energy and enthusiasm that you continue to infuse. To the Authors, I really want to congratulate them for the result produced. As always, I wish you a good read and please remember that our “clinical adventures” begin with a bracket and a composite resin...never forget it and never underestimate it.
Prof. Alberto Caprioglio


Titolo: Debonding in orthodontics clinical procedures and micromorphological aspects


Editore: Martina

Volume: Unico

Edizione: 2016

Lingua: Inglese

Finitura: Copertina flessibile

Misure: 20x29 cm

Pagine: 56

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