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The lower Lip Bumper - The search for stability - Vol. 36

di Ferro  • 2015  • dettagli prodotto

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Science is always evolving, leaving that, which was considered revolutionary yesterday, has already become obsolete today.
This is the real meaning of the monograph that beings the functional significance of the Lip Bumper into the limelight, showcasing its ability to create new neuromuscular equilibrium and stability in results obtained from its use.
The first part of the monograph spans from the biological principles of maxillofacial growth to the clinical and therapeutic significance of the Lip Bumper. In this context, the author highlights the dynamic management of the leeway space in mixed dentition and of the reinforced anchorage in permanent dentition.
The author pays special attention to the correlation between the Lip Bumper and “functional pattern” of the tongue, lip and cheek structures. Expansion not only involves dental elements, but also the basal bone structure, which is a stabilizing factor for results in the long-term. Of particular interest is the description of device design useful for successful treatment outcomes and in addition, the “mechanobiological” aspects behind the application of the device. Finally, another feature, illustrated skillfully, describes some of the treatment risks; this is not only a specialized, but also an ethics-related aspect- “primum non nocere: first, do no harm”.
Everything must be granted to science in favor of man: nothing must be grant to man in favor of science. Moreover, the chapter on treatment limits within the neuro-muscular response during maxillofacial growth deserves special mention.
The monograph’s rich, experience-based philosophy provides the basis for its clear, fluent narrative, iconographic documentary, and of upmost interest, an exhaustive list of appropriate citations. All of my respect goes to the author for her significant scientific and clinical contribution.
The success of the monograph is already evident: this is a precious guide that enriches knowledge of the Orthodontist, the student, and enthusiast.
Passion builds culture and stimulates culture: culture is the result of sacrifice, not of inheritance. Finally all of my unconditional respect goes to Profs. Alberto and Damaso Caprioglio that, with their diverse wisdom and expertise, direct the Orthodontics book series: this certainly represents a significant scientific and clinical contribution towards new conquests in Orthodontics.
Ennio Giannì
Professor Emeritus,
University of Milan, Medicine


Titolo: The lower Lip Bumper - The search for stability - Vol. 36


Editore: Martina

Volume: Unico

Edizione: 2015

Lingua: Inglese

Finitura: Copertina flessibile

Misure: 21x30 cm

Pagine: 53

Peso: 0.3 kg