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copertina di Clinical and Basic Immunodermatology

Clinical and Basic Immunodermatology

di Gaspari - Tyring  • 2009  • dettagli prodotto

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Dermatologists are being asked to understand the pathophysiology of a number of immune-mediated skin diseases. In addition, a number of new products have appeared on the market during the past decade which requires an understanding of the mechanisms of action of these drugs. Dermatologists, however, have no easily understood book to which they can refer to regarding the disease or the drug.Table of contents Groupings: Concepts of Fundamental Importance for Understanding Skin Disease. Cytokines and Chemokines.- Innate and Adaptive Immunity.- Neuroimmunology.- Stress and the Immune System.- Toll-like Receptors.- Skin Immune System.- Conventional and Non-Conventional T-Lymphocytes.- Complement System.- Antigen Presenting Cells, especially Langerhans Cells.- Anti-Microbial Peptides.- Photoimmunology.- Angiogenesis. Groupings: Important Skin Diseases.- Contact Dermatitis, Allergic and Irritant.- Atopic Dermatitis.- IgE-Dependent Skin Diseases.-Psoriasis.- Acne.- Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer.- Melanoma.- Drug Eruptions.- Vasculitis.- Infections.- Vaccines.- Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma.- Erythema Multiforme.Groupings: Immunopharmacology.- Biologic Therapies.- Topical Immune Response Modifiers: Adjuvants.- Topical Immune Response Modifiers: Anti-Inflammatories.- Traditional Immune Modulating Drugs.- Topical and Systemic Glucocorticosteroids. Groupings: Immunodeficiency.- HIV/AIDS.- Iatrogenic Immunodeficiency and Skin Disease.- Novel Immunodeficiency Syndromes. Groupings: Autoimmunity.- Cutaneous Lupus Erythematosus.- Fibrotic Skin Diseases.- Pemphigus Family of Diseases.- Pemphigoid.- EBA.- IgA Dermatoses.


ISBN: 1848828519

Titolo: Clinical and Basic Immunodermatology


Editore: Springer Verlag

Volume: Unico

Edizione: 2009

Lingua: Inglese

Finitura: Copertina flessibile