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copertina di Pediatric Cardiology - Requisites

Pediatric Cardiology - Requisites

di Vetter  • 2006  • dettagli prodotto

non più pubblicato

€  61,19


203 Illustrations This new title in the REQUISITES IN PEDIATRICS series guides you through evaluation of the pediatric heart patient with the most common congenital and acquired diseases. As in other volumes in the Pediatric Requisites series, this volume provides rapid-reference features such as uniform, consistently formatted chapters; tables of differential diagnosis; lab values/radiologic studies; treatment/therapy options; and guidance on when to refer. At the end of each chapter, a list of key points helps you study for boards or recertification. Extensive illustrations include EKGs, as well as chest x-rays, echocardiograms, angiograms, and MRIs, to help you understand when to order and how to interpret these tests. Perfect for exam review or quick reference, this is one resource you’ll consult again and again. Contents1. Pediatric Evaluation of the Cardiac Patient: Exam, Murmurs, Exercise Intolerance, Chest Pain, Palpitations, and Syncope - V. Ben Sivarajan, Victoria L. Vetter, and Marie M. Gleason2. Critical Heart Disease in the Newborn - Ilana Zeltser and Sarah Tabbutt3. Cyanotic Heart Disease - Amy B. Schultz and Jacqueline Kreutzer4. Acyanotic Congenital Heart Defects - Vijaya M. Joshi and Sepehr Sekhavat5. Cardiomyopathy - P. Nelson Le and Maryanne R.K. Chrisant6. Acquired Heart Disease - Stephen Paridon7. Kawasaki Disease - Victoria L. Vetter8. The Genetics of Congenital Heart Disease - Heike E. Schneider and Elizabeth Goldmuntz9. Heart Failure in Pediatrics - Jondavid Menteer, Alexa N. Hogarty, and Maryanne R.K. Chrisant10. Arrhythmias and Sudden Cardiac Death - Jonathan R. Kaltman, Nandini Madan, Victoria L. Vetter, and Larry A. Rhodes11. The Use of Cardiac Catheterization to Diagnose and Treat Heart Disease in Pediatric Patients - Matthew J. Gillespie, Heike E. Schneider, and Jonathan Rome12. Fetal Cardiovascular Disease - Jack Rychik13. Pharmacologic Treatment of Heart Disease - Ronn E. Tanel and Mark D. Levin14. Surgery for Congenital Heart Disease - Bradley S. Marino, Adam M. Ostrow, and Meryl S. Cohen15. Special Considerations in Children and Young Adults with Heart Disease - Bernard J. Clark III16. Preventive Cardiology - Fraz A. Ismat and Richard M. Donner


ISBN: 9780323023672

Titolo: Pediatric Cardiology - Requisites


Editore: Elsevier - Mosby

Volume: Unico

Edizione: 2006

Lingua: Inglese

Finitura: Copertina rigida

Misure: 21,5x28 cm

Pagine: 384