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copertina di Complex Ethics Consultations  - Cases That Haunt Us

Complex Ethics Consultations - Cases That Haunt Us

di Ford  • 2008  • dettagli prodotto

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€  44,40


With 28 detailed individual cases, this book succinctly explores the ethical reasoning, professional issues, and the emotional aspects of these impossibly difficult cases. The cases are grouped together by theme to aid teaching, discussion and professional growth.Table of Contents Foreword Albert JonsenIntroduction Paul J. Ford and Denise M. DudzinskiPart I. Starting at the Beginning: Prenatal and Neonatal Issues: 1. Quality of life and of ethics consultation in the NICU Robert Macauley and Robert Orr2. When a baby dies in pain David Woodrum and Thomas R. McCormick3. But how can we choose? Richard M. Zaner4. Maternal-fetal surgery and the 'profoundest question in ethics' Mark J. BlitonPart II. The Most Vulnerable of Us: Pediatrics: 5. She was the life of the party Douglas S. Diekema6. Bound by chains Jeffrey Spike7. Susie's voice Rosa Lynn Pinkus, Stella Smetanka and Nathan A. Kottkamp8. Access to an infant's family D. Micah HesterPart III. Diversity of Desires and Limits of Liberty: 9. Helping staff help a 'hateful' patient Joy Skeel, Kristi Williams10. Ulysses contract Barbara Daly and Cynthia Griggins11. Misjudging needs Paul J. Ford12. When the patient refuses to eat Debra Craig and Gerald WinslowPart IV. Withholding Therapy with a Twist: 13. Listening to the husband Ellen W. Bernal14. You're the ethicistI'm just the surgeon Joseph DeMarco and Paul J. Ford15. Haunted by a good outcome: the case of Sister Jane George J. Agich16. Is a broken jaw a terminal condition? Stuart G. FinderPart V. The Unspeakable/Unassailable: Religious and Cultural Beliefs: 17. Adolescent pregnancy, confidentiality and culture Donald Brunnquell18. Tanya, the one with Jonathan's kidney Tarris Rosell19. Futility, Islam and death Kathryn Weise20. Suffering as God's will Kathrin Ohnsorge and Paul J. FordPart VI. Human Guinea Pigs and Miracles: Clinical Innovations and Unorthodox Treatment: 21. Amputate my arm please - I don't want it anymore Denise M. Dudzinski22. Feuding surrogates, herbal therapies, and a dying patient Alissa Hurwitz Swota23. One way out: destination therapy by default Alice Chang and Denise M. Dudzinski24. Altruistic organ donation: Credible? Acceptable? Ronald B. MillerPart VII. The Big Picture: Organizational Issues: 25. It's not my responsibility Mary Beth Foglia and Bob Pearlman26. Intra-operative exposure to sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease: to disclose or not to disclose Joel Potash27. Why do we have to discharge this patient? Sarah E. Shannon28. Who's that sleeping in my bed?: an institutional response to an organizational ethics problem Daryl Pullman, Rick Singleton and Janet Templeton29. Final reflections, activities and resources Denise M. Dudzinski and Paul J. FordIndex.


ISBN: 9780521697156

Titolo: Complex Ethics Consultations - Cases That Haunt Us


Editore: Cambridge University Press

Volume: Unico

Edizione: 2008

Lingua: Inglese

Finitura: Copertina flessibile