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copertina di The Overlap of Affective and Schizophrenic Spectra

The Overlap of Affective and Schizophrenic Spectra

di Marneros - Akiskal  • 2006  • dettagli prodotto

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Many clinicians and researchers are convinced that there is an overlap between affective and schizophrenic spectra. In this book, an international team of experts discuss aspects of comorbidity, genetic models, clinical course, phenomenology and therapies. This is the first comprehensive overview of the schizoaffective spectra.Table of Contents 1. The paradigms of the overlapping of the affective and schizophrenic spectra: schizo-affective conditions Andreas Marneros2. The overlapping of the spectra: overlapping genes and genetic models John R. Kelsoe3. The continuum of psychosis and its genetic basis T. J. Crow4. Functional psychoses - molecular-genetic evidence for a continuum Hans H. Stassen, Christian Scharfetter and Jules Angst5. State- and trait-related deficits in sustained attention in bipolar disorder: are there any overlaps with schizophrenia? Luke Clark6. The concept of schizoaffective disorder - utility versus validity and reliability: a transcultural perspective Ahmed Okasha7. Phenomenological approaches to the schizoaffective spectrum William Coryell8. Clinical course of schizoaffective disorders M. Reinares, E. Vieta, A. Benabarre and A. Marneros9. Depressive syndromes in schizophrenia Wolfgang Gaebel, Ellen Bittner and Wolfgang Wölwer10. The overlapping of the spectra - brief and acute psychoses Frank Pillmann and Andreas Marneros11. Overlapping of the spectra: physical comorbidity between schizophrenia and affective disorders William S. Stone, Andrea H. Roe and Ming T. Tsuang12. The overlapping of the spectra: suicide Simavi Vahip13. Biological treatment of schizoaffective disorders Christopher Baethge14. Psychological therapies and shizoaffective disorders Jan Scott15. Epilogue: the interface of affective and schizophrenic disorders: a cross between two spectra? Hagop S. Akiskal


ISBN: 9780521858588

Titolo: The Overlap of Affective and Schizophrenic Spectra


Editore: Cambridge University Press

Volume: Unico

Edizione: I 2006

Lingua: Inglese

Finitura: Copertina rigida

Pagine: 312