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copertina di Atlas of Equine Surgery

Atlas of Equine Surgery

di Adams - Fessler  • 2000  • dettagli prodotto

non più pubblicato

€  123,60


A brilliantly illustrated new atlas of common and frequently performed equine surgical techniques. Detailed illustration plates show readers exactly how to perform each procedure. Concise discussions of issues ranging from indications and anaesthesia to results and post-operative care complement the artwork. Table of Contents: INTRODUCTION Chapter 1 Patient PreparationChapter 2 AnesthesiaChapter 3 DrapingChapter 4 TourniquetsChapter 5 SuturingChapter 6 Prophylactic AntibioticsSURGICAL PROCEDURESSkull, Head, and Neck SurgeryChapter 7 Sinus TrephinationChapter 8 Frontonasal FlapsChapter 9 Extraction and Repulsion of Cheek TeethChapter 10 Repair of Facial FracturesChapter 11 Repair of Mandibulr and Maxillary FracturesChapter 12 Dentigerous Cyst ExcisionChapter 13 Modified Forsells Operation for CribbingGastrointentinal SurgeryChapter 14 EsophagotomyChapter 15 Cervical EsophagostomyChapter 16 Ventral MidlineChapter 17 Enterotomy TechniquesChapter 18 End-to-End AnastomosisJejunum Small ColonChapter 19 Jejunocecal AnastomosisChapter 20 Large Colon ResectionoChapter 21 ColopexyChapter 22 Flank LaparotomyChapter 23 Management of Rectal Tears Loop ColostomyTemporary Indewelling Rectal LinerChapter 24 Submucosal Resection for Rectal ProlalpseChapter 25 Excision of Nasal EpidermalChapter 26 Resection of Alar FoldsChapter 27 Laryngotomy and VentriculectomyChapter 28 LaryngoplastyChapter 29 ArytenoidectomyChapter 30 Treatment of Intermittent Dorsal Displacement of the Soft Palate Sternothyrrohyoideus MyectomyStaphylectomy/Epiglottic AugmentationChapter 31 Treatment of Epiglottic EntrapmentChapter 32 Excision of Subepiglottic CystsChapter 33 Modified Whitehouse Approach to the Guttural PouchChapter 34 Median Septum Fenestration and Pharyngeal Orifice EnlargementChapter 35 Arterial Ligation for Gutural Pouch MycosisChapter 36 TracheotomyOphthalmic SurgeryChapter 37 Subpalpebral LavageChapter 38 Entropion SurgeryChapter 39 Third Eyelid ExcisionChapter 40 Transpalpebral EnucleationChapter 41 Correction of Congential Nasolacrimal Duct AtresiaMale Reproductive System SurgeryChapter 42 CastrationChapter 43 Non-Invasive Inguinal CryptorchidectomyChapter 44 Neonatal Inguinal Chapter 45 Penile AmputationChapter 46 Caslicks ProcedureChapter 47 Urethral Extension for Treatment of Vesicovaginal Reflux Chapter 48 Rectovestibular Fistula RepairChapter 49 Third Degree Perineal LacerationChapter 50 OvariectomyColpotomyLaparotomyChapter 51 Cesarean SectionUrinary SurgeryChapter 52 Resection of Umbilical Cord RemnantsChapter 53 Ruptured Urinary Bladder RepairChapter 54 Perineal Urethrotomy and Removal of Cystic CalculiChapter 55 Suprapubic LaparocystidotomyFracture RepairChapter 56 Principles of Lag Screw FixationChapter 57 Lag Screw Fixation of a Third Carpal Slab FracturesChapter 58 Repair of Condylar Fractures of the Third Metacarpus and Third MetatarsusChapter 59 Repair of Fractures of the Proximal PhalanxChapter 60 Excision of Apical Fractures of the Sesamoid BoneChapter 61 Excision of Distal Splint Bone FracturesChapter 62 Osteostixis for Dorsal Cortical Fractures of the Third MetacarpusChapter 63 Harvesting Cancellous Bone GraftsChapter 64 External Coaptation and FixationHalf Limb CastHalf Limb Cast with TransfixationFull Limb CastMusculoskeletal SystemChapter 65 Palmar Digial NeurectomyChapter 66 Navicular Suspensory DesmotomyChapter 67 Navicular BursotomyChapter 68 Arthrodesis of the Proximal Interphalangeal JointChapter 69 Palmer/Plantar Annular Ligament DivisionChapter 70 Resection of the Carpal Flexor RetinaculumChapter 71 Distal Check DesmotomyChapter 72 Proximal Check Desmotomy/Percutaneous Tendon SplittingChapter 73 Deep Digital Flexor TenotomyChapter 74 Surgical Treatment of Angular Limb Deformities Periosteal Stripping Transphysea BridgingChapter 75 Surgical Treatment of Bone SpavinCunean TenectomyArthrodesis of the Distal Tarsal JointsChapter 76 Semitdinosus Tenetomy for Fibrotic MyopathyChapter 77 Lateral Digital Extensor Myotenectomy for StringhaltChapter 78 Medial Patellar DesmotomyChapter 79 Suprascapular Nerve Decompression for Treatment of Nerve InjuryChapter 80 Regional Antiobiotic PerfusionAbdominal Wall SurgeryChapter 81 Umbilical HerniorrhaphyChapter 82 Mesh Repair of Large Body Wall DefectsIntegurmentaryChapter 83 Pinch GraftingChapter 84 Cosmetic Tail Amputation


ISBN: 9780721646435

Titolo: Atlas of Equine Surgery


Editore: Elsevier - Saunders

Volume: Unico

Edizione: 2000

Lingua: Inglese

Finitura: Copertina rigida

Misure: 21x27 cm

Pagine: 428

Peso: 1.6 kg