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copertina di Diagnosis of Diseases of the Breast

Diagnosis of Diseases of the Breast

di Bassett - Jackson - Fu - Fu  • 2005  • dettagli prodotto

non più pubblicato

€  218,40


The 2nd Edition of this well-received reference takes a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to the evaluation of benign and malignant breast disease. Internationally recognized specialists address the technical, interpretive, and diagnostic aspects of mammography. They also offer expanded coverage of all of the other imaging modalities available to identify diseases of the breast. This unique resource also addresses histopathology, surgery, epidemiology, clinical and historical issues, as well as today’s hot topics, such as sentinel node biopsy. ContentsI. Introduction1 History of Breast ImagingII Mammography: Performing the Examination2 Mammography Equipment and Screen Film Imaging Considerations3 Positioning4 Clinical Image Evaluation5 Quality Control6 MQSA7 Reporting and Communication8 Medical Audit9 Coding and Billing10 Medicolegal IssuesIII Other Diagnostic Tools 11 Clinical Breast Exam12 Breast Sonography13 Digital mammography14 Breast MR Imaging15 Nuclear MedicineIV Interventional Breast Imaging Procedures16 Presurgical needle localization17 Core Needle Biopsy18 After the Biopsy19 Handling of Pathology Specimens20 Other Sonographically Guided Interventional Procedures21 GalactographyV Screening Mammography22 Epidemiology23 Screening Guidelines and ControversiesVI Normal Breast and Benign and Malignant Conditions24 Normal Breast25 Benign Breast Lesions26 Noninvasive carcinoma27 Invasive Malignancies28 Clinically Abnormal Breast29 The Male Breast Chantra, ShiroishiVII Management of Breast Diseases and Posttreatment Evaluation30 Treatment of Breast Disease31 Conservatively Treated Breast32 Augmented Breast33 Reduction Mammoplasty


ISBN: 9780721695631

Titolo: Diagnosis of Diseases of the Breast


Editore: Elsevier - Saunders

Volume: Unico

Edizione: II 2005

Lingua: Inglese

Finitura: Copertina rigida

Misure: 21x27 cm

Pagine: 672