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copertina di The 5 - Minute Orthopaedic Consult

The 5 - Minute Orthopaedic Consult

di Sponseller - Frassica - Wilckens  • 2007  • dettagli prodotto

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The 5-Minute Orthopaedic Consult, Second Edition is designed for rapid consultation on over 250 orthopaedic problems encountered by orthopaedic surgery, primary care, or ER practitioners. The famous two-page format allows easy navigation through even complicated patient complaints. New topics covered in this thoroughly updated edition include acromioclavicular joint arthritis; ankle instability; biceps tendon rupture; chordoma; desmoid tumor; diabetic myonecrosis; dislocation in the adult; epithelioid sarcoma; femoral shaft fracture in children; hip and knee examination in children; knee injection; lymphoma; metastatic bone disease; open fractures; pathologic fracture; pectoralis major tendon rupture; sacral insufficiency fracture; septic hip; shoulder dislocation; shoulder instability; sternoclavicular joint dislocation; subacromial injection; synovial chondromatosis; synovial sarcoma; thoracic herniated disc; thoracolumbar spine fracture and dislocation; transient synovitis; CT; MRI; and musculoskeletal radiography.Table Of Contents Accessory NavicularAchilles TendinitisAchilles Tendon RuptureAchondroplasiaAcromioclavicular Joint ArthritisAcromioclavicular Joint SeparationAneurysmal Bone CystAnkle ArthritisAnkle FractureAnkle InstabilityAnkle PainAnkle SprainAnkylosing SpondylitisAnterior Cruciate Ligament InjuryArthrocentesisArthroscopyBack PainBiceps Tendon RuptureBite to the HandBlount DiseaseBrachial Plexus Birth PalsyBunion/Hallux ValgusBurners (Stingers)Calcaneovalgus FootCalcaneus FractureCamptodactylyCarpal Tunnel SyndromeCasts and SplintsCavus FootCerebral PalsyCervical Disc HerniationCervical Spine Anatomy and ExaminationCervical Spine Trauma: Dislocation and SubluxationCharcot-Marie-Tooth DiseaseChondroblastomaChondrosarcomaClavicle FracturesClaw ToesClinodactylyClubfootCompartment SyndromeCompartment Syndrome of the FootComputed TomographyCongenital PseudarthrosisCubital Tunnel SyndromeDe Quervain (Thumb Extensor) TenosynovitisDeep Venous ThrombosisDesmoid Tumor (Extra-Abdominal)Developmental Dysplasia of the HipDiscitisDiscoid MeniscusDislocation in the AdultDupuytren ContractureEhlers-Danlos SyndromeElbow Anatomy and ExaminationElbow ArthritisElbow DislocationEnchondromaEosinophilic GranulomaEwing SarcomaExtensor Tendon LacerationFemoral AnteversionFemoral Neck FractureFemoral Shaft Fracture in the AdultFemoral Shaft Fracture in the ChildFibrous Cortical Defect/Nonossifying FibromaFibrous DysplasiaFibula FractureFlatfootFlexor Tendon LacerationFoot and Ankle Anatomy and ExaminationForearm FractureFracture TreatmentFreiberg Disease (Freiberg Infraction)Friedreich AtaxiaGenu Valgum (Knock-Knee)Genu Varum (Bowed Legs)Giant Cell TumorGrowing PainsGrowth-Plate InjuryHammer ToesHamstring StrainHand Anatomy and ExaminationHeel Pain (Plantar Fasciitis)Heel SoresHemangiomaHemophiliaHeterotopic OssificationHip Anatomy and ExaminationHip ArthritisHip Avascular NecrosisHip Dislocation, TraumaticHip Examination in the ChildHip Fracture in the ChildHip Pain in the ChildHip ReplacementHip Transient SynovitisHumeral Shaft FractureIntercondylar Elbow FractureIntertrochanteric Hip FractureJones FractureJumper's Knee (Patellar Tendinopathy)Kienböck DiseaseKlippel-Feil SyndromeKnee Anatomy and ExaminationKnee DislocationKnee Examination in the ChildKnee InjectionKnee PainKnee ReplacementKnee Supracondylar FractureKöhler DiseaseKyphosisLimb Lengthening (Ilizarov Method)Lisfranc Fracture-DislocationLittle League ElbowLumbar Disc HerniationLumbar Spine Anatomy and ExaminationLyme DiseaseMacrodactylyMagnetic Resonance ImagingMalignant Fibrous HistiocytomaMallet FingerMarfan SyndromeMedial Collateral Ligament InjuryMeniscus TearMetacarpal FractureMetastatic Bone DiseaseMetatarsal FractureMetatarsus AdductusMonteggia FractureMultiple MyelomaMuscular DystrophiesMusculoskeletal RadiographyNeck PainNeurofibromatosisNonunion of FracturesNursemaid's ElbowOlecranon FractureOpen FracturesOsteoarthritisOsteochondral Defect of the TalusOsteochondritis Dissecans of the KneeOsteochondromaOsteogenesis ImperfectaOsteoid OsteomaOsteomyelitisOsteoporosisOsteosarcomaPaget Disease


ISBN: 9780781799713

Titolo: The 5 - Minute Orthopaedic Consult


Editore: Lippincott Williams

Volume: Unico

Edizione: II 2007

Lingua: Inglese

Finitura: Copertina rigida

Pagine: 450