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copertina di The practice of clinical echocardiography - DVD included

The practice of clinical echocardiography - DVD included

di Otto  • 2007  • dettagli prodotto

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Dr. Otto’s best-selling text not only explains how to qualitatively and quantitatively interpret echocardiographic images and Doppler flow data, but also outlines how this information affects your clinical decision making. This edition features new chapters on tissue doppler, intracardiac echocardiography, hand-held echocardiography, and echocardiography in inherited connective tissue disorders. A companion CD-ROM offers case-based multiple-choice questions to help you assess your understanding. Whether you are attempting to choose a course of therapy, ascertain the optimal timing for intervention, arrive at a prognosis, or determine the possible need for periodic diagnostic evaluation, this is an essential resource you’ll consult time and time again.Table of Contents: Chapter 1: Indications, Procedure, Image Planes and Doppler Flows Transesophageal EchocardiographyChapter 2: Monitoring Ventricular Function in the Operating RoomChapter 3: Contrast Ultrasound ImagingChapter 4: Three Dimensional EchocardiographyChapter 5: Tissue Doppler and Speckle Tracking EchocardiographyChapter 6: Intracardiac EchocardiographyChapter 7: Intravascular ultrasound: Principles and clinical applicationsChapter 8: Hand-Carried UltrasoundChapter 9: Quantitative evaluation of left ventricular structure, wall stress, and systolic function.Chapter 10: Ventricular Shape and FunctionChapter 11: Assessment of Diastolic Function by EchocardiographyChapter 12: Echocardiographic Digital Image Processing and Approaches to Automated Border DetectionChapter 13: The role of echocardiographic evaluation in patients presenting with acute chest pain in the emergency room Chapter 14: Echocardiography in the coronary care unit: Management of Acute MyocardialInfarction, Detection of Complications, and Prognostic ImplicationsChapter 15: Exercise echocardiographyChapter 16: Stress Echocardiography with Nonexercise TechniquesChapter 17: Echocardiographic Evaluation of Coronary Blood Flow: Approaches and Clinical Applications Chapter 18: Quantitation of valvular regurgitationChapter 19: Timing of Intervention for Chronic Valve Regurgitation: The Role of EchocardiographyChapter 20: Intraoperative echocardiography in mitral valve repair.Chapter 21: Echocardiography in the patient undergoing catheter balloon mitral valvuloplasty: patient selection, hemodynamic results, complications and long-term outcome.Chapter 22: Clinical decision-making in patients with endocarditis: the role of echocardiographyChapter 23: Aortic Stenosis:Echocardiographic Evaluation of Disease Severity, Disease Progression, and the Role of Echocardiography in Clinical Decision MakingChapter 24: Fluid dynamics of prosthetic valvesChapter 25: Echocardiographic recognition and quantitation of prosthetic valve dysfunctionChapter 26: Echocardiographic Recognition of Unusual Complications After Surgery on the Great Vessels and Cardiac ValvesChapter 27: Doppler Echocardiography in Heart Failure and Cardiac ResynchronizationChapter 28: Echocardiography in the evaluation and management of patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.Chapter 29: Restrictive cardiomyopathy: diagnosis and prognostic implications.Chapter 30: Pericardial Disease Chapter 31: End stage heart failure: ventricular assist devices and the post-transplant patient.Chapter 32: Role of Echocardiography in the Diagnosis and Management of Heart Disease in PregnancyChapter 33: Aortic dissection and trauma: Value and limitations of echocardiographyChapter 34: Hypertension: Impact of Echocardiographic Data on the Mechanism of Hypertension, Treatment, Options, Prognosis, and Assessment of TherapyChapter 35: Echocardiographic Findings in Acute and Chronic Respiratory DiseaseChapter 36: Echocardiographic findings in systemic diseases characterized by immune-mediated injury.Chapter 37: Echocardiography in the evaluation of cardiac disease due to Endocrinopathies, Renal Disease, Obesity and Nutritional Deficiencies.Chapter 38: Echocardiography in patients with inherited connective tissue disordersChapter 39: Aging changes seen on echocardiographyChapter 40: Echocardiographic evaluation of the patient with a systemic embolic event.Chapter 41: The Role of Echocardiography in Atrial Fibrillation and FlutterChapter 42: General echocardiographic approach to the adult with suspected congenital heart diseaseChapter 43: Echocardiographic Evaluation of the Adult with Unoperated Congenital Heart DiseaseChapter 44: Echocardiographic evaluation of the adult patient with post-operative congenital heart disease.Chapter 45: Cardiac tumors


ISBN: 9781416036401

Titolo: The practice of clinical echocardiography - DVD included


Editore: Elsevier - Saunders

Volume: Unico

Edizione: III 2007

Lingua: Inglese

Finitura: Copertina rigida

Misure: 22x28 cm

Pagine: 1176

Peso: 3.1 kg