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copertina di Vascular Access : Principles and Practice

Vascular Access : Principles and Practice

di Wilson  • 2009  • dettagli prodotto

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This practical and comprehensive book provides "how-to" information on all aspects of access to the vascular system for hemodialysis, parenteral nutrition, chemotherapy, and resuscitation. Preoperative evaluation, operations, noninvasive procedures, complications, and other aspects are detailed. This edition provides increased coverage of non-interventional techniques and includes new chapters on management of thrombophilia in hemodialysis patients; modulation of the immune system to prevent myointimal hyperplasia; synthetic grafts; venous outflow stenting for salvage of vascular access procedures; and ultrasound in vascular access procedures.This book is essential for all clinicians treating patients who require vascular access, including vascular surgeons, general surgeons, nephrologists, dialysis technicians and nurses, radiologists, and cardiologistsTable Of Contents SECTION 1 GENERAL PRINCIPLES OF VASCULAR ACCESSDevelopment of Vascular Access Surgery Patient Assessment and Planning for Vascular Access Surgery Anesthesia for Vascular Access Surgery Surgical Anatomy for Hemodialysis Access Physiology of the Arteriovenous Fistula Thrombophilia as a Cause of Recurrent Vascular Access Thrombosis in Hemodialysis Patients Biologic Properties of Venous Access Devices Biologic Response to Prosthetic Dialysis Grafts Strategies to Reduce Intimal Hyperplasia in Dialysis Access Grafts SECTION II VASCULAR ACCESS FOR HEMODIALYSISEpidemiology and Pathophysiology of Chronic Renal Failure and Guidelines for Initiation of Hemodialysis Autologous Arteriovenous Fistulas: Direct Radiocephalic Anastomosis for Hemodialysis Access Autogenous Vein for Fistulas and Interposition Grafts Basilic Vein Transposition: A Modern Autogenous Vascular Access for Hemodialysis Interposition Arteriovenous Grafts (Bridge Fistulas) for Hemodialysis New Synthetic Grafts and Early Access Central Venous Cannulation for Hemodialysis Access Access in the Neonatal and Pediatric Patient Surveillance, Revision, and Outcome of Vascular Access Procedures for Hemodialysis Endovascular Management of Dialysis Graft Stenosis Axillosubclavian Vein Thrombosis Complications of Vascular Access: Thrombosis, Venous Hypertension, Congestive Heart Failure, Neuropathy, and Aneurysm Dialysis Access-Associated Ischemic Steal Syndrome Vascular Access Neuropathic Syndrome: Ischemic Monomelic Neuropathy Infection in Vascular Access Procedures Assessment and Intervention for Arteriovenous Fistula Maturation Coordination and Patient Care in Vascular Access Cardiovascular Consequences of Rapid Hemodialysis Peritoneal Dialysis Socioeconomic Implications of Vascular Access Surgery Ultrasound in Vascular Access SECTION III RESULTS OF VASCULAR ACCESS FOR HEMODIALYSLISReflections on Four Decades of Experience in Vascular Access Surgery Organizing Hemodialysis Access: The Kaiser Permanente Southern California Experience Should the KDOQI Guidelines for First Time Dialysis Access Apply to All Patients? Ten Mistakes to Avoid in Dialysis Access Surgery SECTION IV VASCULAR ACCESS FOR CRITICAL CARE, CHEMOTHERAPY, AND NUTRITIONPlacement of Indwelling Venous Access Systems Vascular Access for Trauma, Emergency Surgery, and Critical Care Complications of Percutaneous Vascular Access Procedures and Their ManagementINDEX


ISBN: 1605472034

Titolo: Vascular Access : Principles and Practice


Editore: Lippincott Williams

Volume: Unico

Edizione: 2009

Lingua: Inglese

Finitura: Copertina rigida

Misure: 22x28 cm

Peso: 1.2 kg