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copertina di Inflammation and Cardiac Diseases (Progress in Inflammation Research)

Inflammation and Cardiac Diseases (Progress in Inflammation Research)

di Feuerstein - Libby - Mann  • 2003  • dettagli prodotto

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Heart failure research is a most active area of research in academic, industrial and government-sponsored research and receives intense clinical attention. The recent recognition that inflammation is a risk factor and prognostic factor for heart disease has laid ground for preventive medicine and even anti-infective strategies in prevention and treatment of heart faillure.Table of contents List of contributors Introduction: Giora Feuerstein, Peter Libby and Douglas L. Mann Inflammation - a new frontier in cardiac disease and therapeutics Pathological aspects and inflammation biomarkers in cardiac diseases: Giora Feuerstein, Douglas L. Mann and Peter Libby CRP- an inflammation biomarkers in cardiovascular diseases Renu Virmani, Frank D. Kolodgie, Allen P. Burke, Andrew Farb, Herman K. Gold, Aloke V. Finn Inflammation and coronary artery disease Inflammatory cells and their metalloproteinases in cardiac diseases: Esther E.J.M. Creemers, Jack P.M. Cleutjens, Jos F.M. Smits and Mat J.A.P. Daemen The role of matrix metalloproteinases in LV remodeling following myocardial infarction Francis G. Spinale Matrix metalloproteinases in heart failure: evidence from experimental models Inflammatory cytokines in cardiac diseases: Anita Deswal, Biykem Bozkurt and Douglas L. Mann The clinical experience with anti-cytokine therapy in heart failure Antoine Bril and Giora Feuerstein The role of IL-6 and related cytokines in myocardiacl remodeling and inflammation - implication for cardiac hypertrophy and heart failure Stefan Frantz, Ralph Kelly and Todd Bourcier Toll like receptors and the cardiovascular system Elaine J. Tanhehco and Hani N. Sabbah The role of IL-6 in experimental and clinical heart failure Oxygen and nitrogen reactive radicals in cardiac inflammation and disease: Flora Sam, Douglas B. Sawyer, Wilson S. Colucci Myocardial nitric oxide in cardiac remodeling Catherine Vergely Gaëlle Clermont, Sandrine Lecour Antoine Bril and Luc Rochette Identification and role of inflammatory oxygen free radicals and nitric oxide in cardiac ischemia and reperfusion injury The immune and complement system and cardiac diseases: Kenichi Watanabe, Makoto Kodama, Yoshifusa Aizawa Immune-mediated myocarditis and interleukin-10 Shigetake Sasayama Immunomodulation in heart failure: experimental models Elaine J. Tanhehco and Benedict R. Lucchesi The role of complement in myocardial inflammation and reperfusion injury Inflammatory signaling pathways in cardiac diseases: Sandrine Lecour, Robert M. Smith, Michael N. Sack The role of immune and inflammatory cytokines in ischemic preconditioning of the heart - identification of novel cardiac cell survival signaling programs Masaya Tanno and Michael Marber Stress-activated inflammatory signals and their role in myocardial ischemia Thomas M. Behr, Christpher P. Doe, Haisong Ju and Robert N. Willette p38 MAPK in cardiac remodeling and failure: cytokine signaling and beyond Inflammation and myocarditis: Jay W. Mason and Jack M. Gill Inflammation and myocarditis Noel R. Rose and Marina Afanasyeva The inflammatory process in experimental myocarditis Nuclear factors in cardiac disease: Quy N. Diep, Farhad Amiri and Ernesto L. Schiffrin Peroxisome proliferative activated receptors, inflammation and the heart Chemokines and cardiac diseases: Joseph Winaver, Thomas M. Behr and Zaid Abassi Role of chemokines in the pathogenesis of congestive heart failure Neurohormonal mediators and cardiac inflammation: Li L. Yang, Mansoor Husain and Duncan J. Stewart The role of endothelin-1 in myocardial inflammation and fibrosis Cyclooxygenases and cardiac diseses: Gary F. Baxter and Caroline P.D. Wheeler-Jones Cyclo-oxygenase-2 and myocardial ischaemia Douglas L. Mann and Giora Feuerstein Summary and future directions Index


ISBN: 3764367253

Titolo: Inflammation and Cardiac Diseases (Progress in Inflammation Research)


Editore: Springer Verlag

Volume: Unico

Edizione: 2003

Lingua: Inglese

Finitura: Copertina rigida

Pagine: 416