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copertina di Management of complications after EVAR and T EVAR ( in lingua inglese)

Management of complications after EVAR and T EVAR ( in lingua inglese)

di Pratesi - Pulli  • 2012  • dettagli prodotto

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The volume treats the wide diffusion of the endovascular techniques in the treatment of different diseases involving the thoracic (TEVAR) and abdominal aorta (EVAR), which represent a great revolution in vascular surgery. On the other hand they have led to the birth of a new category of patients: those affected by early and late complications after EVAR and TEVAR.Since their appearance, the management of these patients seemed to be complex and technically demanding. As for traditional surgery, redo procedures require a high level of expertise and skill. However, from both randomized controlled trials and large single-center experiences, it appeared soon evident the much higher rate of reintervention after endovascular procedures than open repair. So it leads to a very large number of patients who need a new treatment during their follow-up.Fortunately the majority of these complications can be successfully managed with a new endovascular procedure. Furthermore, the Type II endoleak, once indicated as the Achille’s heel of EVAR, is losing its importance, although it is gaining even more popularity. And again, new materials and devices are expected to reduce the rate of complications over time.ContentsERRORS AND MISTAKESEVAR and TEVAR: wrong plannin g of the procedure Access -related complication after surgical approach Complications of percutaneous accessCost implications and legal troublesContrast -induced nephropat hy Errors and mistakes during the follow-up EVAR and cancer: possible mistakes in the timingTHORACIC AORTA: EARLY COMPL ICATIONSDeployment failures complicating aortic branchesStroke and cerebral embolism Retrograde ascending aortic dissectionSpinal cord ischemiaComplications following treatment of acute and chronic dissections THORACIC AORTA: LATE COMPL ICATIONSBronchoesophageal aortic fistulaGraft infection Delayed graft dislocation Delayed aneurysm ruptureARCH AND THORACO-ABDOMINAL COMPL ICATIONSComplications during aortic arch hybrid procedureComplications during thoraco-abdominal hybrid proceduresBranched thoraco-abdominal endograft: early and late complications Use of multilayer stent : pro and contra EVAR: EARLY COMPL ICATIONSDeployment failures compromising renal or hypogastric arteries Intraoperative arterial rupture Early endoleak Colonic ischemia Spinal cord ischemia Narrow aortic bifurcation Post implantation syndrome EVAR: LATE COMPL ICATIONSGraft dislocation and migrationIliac stenosis , kinking and thrombosisLate endoleak Aneurysm sac behavior Delayed aneurysm ruptureGraft infection Fenestrated and branched endograft: early and late complications EVAR and TEVAR: EVIDENCE BASED MEDICINE AND PERSPECTIVESComplications following EVAR and TEVAR: data from LiteratureNew EVAR devices should reduce early and late complications TEVAR and EVAR: the new skyline CONTEMPORARY EXPERIENCESIntroduction of Dyna CT during EVAR: is the daily clinical-practice read y to be changed? A preliminary report from a high-volume vascular centerDo anatomical and clinical features affect EVAR results ? Study of proximal aortic neck: A comparison of methods (CT-Angiogra phy-IVUS) Combination of severe peripheral obstructive arteriopathy and abdominal infra-rena l aorta aneurysm in patients undergoing EVAR Minimally invasive aortic surgery: the role of anesthesia Per cutaneous Endo Vascular Aortic aneurysm Repair (P-EVAR) vs Open Femora l Access (O-EVAR). A prospective, non-randomized, comparative study and review of the literatureAccidental coverage of renal arteries during EVAR: different salvage techniques for different endografts Endovascular treatment of isolated bilateral iliac aneurysms preserving anterograde blood flow to one internal iliac artery: an original approachLights and shadows in the endovascular treatment of hypogastric aneurysms Rare and fatal complication after EVAR: diffused visceral microembolization Post -implantation syndrome following EVAR: analysis of predictive factors of occurrence and evaluation of its role on early and late outcomes Ruptures after EVAR: conversion or ne w endovascular treatment ?The role of three -projection completion angiogram to identify endograft limb stenosis after EVAR Trans-catheter thrombolysis and endovascular relining to treat acute stent graft limb occlusion: technical report Searching for a role for hemodynamic to explain the behavior of the aneurysmatic sac after endovascular repair Intrasac coils and fibrin glue injection during EVAR to prevent type II endoleak Emergent endovascular treatment of secondary aorto-enteric fistula: “bridge” or “definitive ” treatment ? An unusual late complication after endovascular treatment of aorto-iliac aneurysm with branched endograft Diagnosis of mesenteric ischemia with laparoscopy in patients with aortic dissection Open surgical rescue after visceral ischemia following staged endovascular repair of thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysm A case of massive embolization during endovascular exclusion of a thoracic penetrating aortic ulcer Misdeployment of a renal stent during fevar : how to manage it?Predictors and outcomes of acute kidney injury after TEVAR Neurological monitoring during total aortic arch de branching and aneurysm exclusion: the subclavian debate Surgical treatment of compression effects of huge ruptured descending thoracic aortic aneurysms treated with endovascular repair


ISBN: 9788877117502

Titolo: Management of complications after EVAR and T EVAR ( in lingua inglese)


Editore: Minerva Medica

Volume: Unico

Edizione: 2012

Lingua: Italiano

Finitura: Copertina flessibile

Misure: 17x24 cm

Pagine: 350

Peso: 0.7 kg