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copertina di Anatomy of the Eye and Human Visual System

Anatomy of the Eye and Human Visual System

di Bertelli  • 2019  • dettagli prodotto

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The book is structured in a classic way, with chapters dedicated to the orbit, to its innervation and vascularization, and to the eye and its annexes. However, the reader will also find two chapters devoted to the optic pathways: one chapter deals with the intraocular pathways, intended as the circuits outlined by retinal cells and the way they process visual information; the second chapter deals with the pathway followed by visual information outside the eyeball after retinal processing. This includes the classic pathway involving the lateral geniculate nucleus that ends to the striate cortex as well as the anatomy of the striate cortex itself and of the associative visual areas.
In addition, the reader will find a chapter reserved to the control of eye and eyelid motility. Yes, it is true that this chapter should be the target of neuroophthalmologists more than of ophthalmologists. However, I believe that knowledge of the way eye motility is regulated is a matter that cannot be totally ignored by ophthalmologists. In addition, as the ambition behind this book is also to interest researchers involved in basic sciences, I thought it was only fair to dedicate a chapter to this important matter.
Finally, a chapter on the topographic anatomy of the eye within the orbit was mandatory. As it is customary for topographic anatomy, this chapter summarizes elements scattered throughout several other parts of the book with the specific aim of underlining relationships among intraorbital organs. The gestation of this book was very long. One reason for this was that it took time to gather the iconography. All collaborators helped me in this task and a very important role was played by Dr. Jan Langermans and Dr. Ivanela Kondova that provided very good material from the Biomedical Primate Research Center in Rijswijk, Netherlands. The Biomedical Primate Research Center was indeed pivotal in the realization of this project.


ISBN: 9788829929412

Titolo: Anatomy of the Eye and Human Visual System


Editore: Piccin

Volume: Unico

Edizione: 2019

Lingua: Inglese

Finitura: Copertina rigida

Pagine: 450